Drupal Groups Email Notification Issues

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Are any of you seeing issues with using the groups here at d.o?
(I know it's annoying to log in.)
We also have reports that people are not notified of new discussions and events or of comments.
It may be that umass.edu is blocking emails.
We can look into that.
Please post your experience in the comments below, so we can follow up.
Please indicate the domain of your email address, in case that's an issue.




Dave, Funny that you asked. I

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Funny that you asked. I don't get email notifications. The reminders for posted Drupal events work when I 'signup' and the contact a user form does work. I have a umass.edu email address. Thanks for looking into it Dave. You are a super guy.


Email notifications

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I'm receiving the email notifications, but my Drupal profile doesn't include a umass.edu address.

Thanks for the report. I have

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Thanks for the report. I have a umass.edu address and I'm one of the organizers and I don't receive comments or even the email broadcst to members that I just sent out a little while ago. I suspect a blacklist is in place at the umass mail server.

Mail server

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I looked at the mail headers, these messages might be going out through an SMTP server at OSU Open Source Lab.

Received: from btch1.drupal.bak (btch1.drupalsystems.org [])
by whitealder.osuosl.org (Postfix)

Unfortunately all, this is

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Unfortunately all, this is still an issue. Even broadcast emails from the group don't reach emails at umass.edu unless your mail is not routed through the main IT Exchange server. :-(

test comment with two emails

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To help determine where umass exchange emails are getting hung up, I added my exchange address the cs address already in my Drupal profile and fired off this comment.

test comment with three emails

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I'm not sure whether Drupal.org sends notifications to secondary emails, so I added a third email and made my exchange the primary.

Secondaries not notified

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When I made my exchange the primary and added another secondary I got nothing, so Drupal.org doesn't notify secondary emails (and exchange is definitely having a problem). I set my cs back to primary.

try again with exchange

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Lars made an adjustment to try to allow the fake address of drupal.bak, which was being rejected as a non existent email domain. Drupal should know better. Sad!

one more time

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now we're trying the full address btch1.drupal.bak.

Working Here

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I received both emails.

GDO mailing list not following Internet RFC specs

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I just commented at this bug report


I add that GDO being a bad example to our members ... is not good for business.

I hope Acquia is listening...

Maybe Acquia has the juice to bend some arms at GDO mailing list administration headquarters, where it appears the GDO members do not.

Please forward this post to responsible email admins.


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Is it solved?

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I currently do not receive email notifications. Watching at my email server logs, I did not even find a failed delivery. It seems like email notifications do not work at all, at least in my case.

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