Planning DrupalCamp Goa 2018 ( DrupalCamp on Sand and a beach! )

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Hi everyone!

We are planning to organize DrupalCamp Goa 2018 which will help us unite and engage the Goa Drupal Community besides having diverse audience and interesting Drupal Sessions in the event.

Let's brainstorm together on the dates, session, logistics and everything else involved and make it a grand success.

The event dates are tentative and will be finalized upon brainstorming with community members. Visit: for more details!

Get all updates from the official website of DrupalCamp Goa:

and attend our upcoming DrupalCamp Goa Planning meeting remotely by visiting:

Event dates are 10th & 11th March. Start booking your tickets!


Awesome !!

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I would like to volunteer for sure :) Let me know, How can i help.


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It would be so great to have you there! I will share the details shortly.


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Happy to know camp in Goa. Thumbs up!

Thanks and Regards
Arun kumar K


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DrupalCamp Goa would be super fun!

Yeah, would like to volunteer

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Yeah, would like to volunteer for sure..! Let me know, How could i help :)

Dream it, Drupal it.

Great to know!

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Absolutely. I will keep you posted about the developments.

Great news, would like to

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Great news, would like to volunteer. Let me know in case I can help

Great news. If you have

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Great news. If you have decided to go for it, you need to start the process ASAP, as we have little time in hand. I would love to volunteer and join you guys.

Vaibhav Jain

We will be super fast

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Indeed the time is little and we have so much to do. Thank you for the heads up and surely with you, it will be a great event.

This is great news. All the

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This is great news. All the best with preparations.

Sadly, the dates don't work out for me. I'd have loved to attend otherwise.

Dates Suggestions

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Do you have any dates suggestions? We will brainstorm over it to make it convenient for the major part of our audience.

I have a personal event on

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I have a personal event on that day, so I doubt it affects others. The next weekend is very close to DrupalCon Baltimore and it wouldn't be a good idea then as many might be going there. I guess Apr 8 weekend would be too early for you, otherwise that would work for me, or a couple of weeks after DrupalCon Baltimore.

New date might work Hussain.

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New date might work Hussain. We're looking 6th, 7th May.

Great News

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Great to hear the news, would love to help.

Thank you!

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Thank you Manish, your support will be very valuable.

Great Initiative gaurangagg.

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Hi, This was shared by Josef. Hope this will help.

Start early, keep moving & stay focused

  1. 6 months: Pre-planning:
    --> Find your team
    --> Scope the camp: which are your target groups, how many people are you comfortable with handling & can you expect?
    --> Define the theme
    --> Secure the date & venue: This is critical. Avoid overlaps with other important events & find a suitable venue early on.
    --> Sponsoring: Compile lists of possible sponsors and telephone numbers. Sponsorship packages must be planned. Attempt to have photos and information of the venue and event and especially stands early (exact dimensions, table dimensions, chairs, stools, etc.)
    --> Start making check-lists.

  2. 5 months: Get started
    --> Plan for major milestones ahead: website launch, ticket sales, call for sessions, important meetings (venue)
    --> Setup your team: define responsibilities (coordination, venue contact, catering, logistics, sponsoring, website, social media, press, speaker invites, accommodation, financials, design & graphics, sprints, photo, video, volunteers, ...)
    --> Spread the word: Get your peers excited & communicate with people that matter to the event (never forget your team :).
    --> Sponsoring: Contact sponsors of the previous years as early as possible. Get a hotel, party, catering and location sponsor where possible. Sponsorship packages should be finalized now. Do mailings for possible sponsors. Apply for support from universities and the Drupal Association.
    --> Set-up the website, social media channels
    --> Identify possible keynote speakers & tracks according to your conference theme & target groups

  3. 4 months: Launch the event-site
    --> Like with anything that you want to promote: make it shiny & clear. your visual identity should reflect what people can expect from the conference and make people excited about attending / being part of it.
    --> Allow people to sign-up early on. Lower entry barriers and allow people to subscribe to a newsletter without purchasing tickets right-away.
    --> Put up some basic info: What's cool about the conference? Which contents can we expect? Who will be coming? Venue, Date, Scope, Cost, ...
    --> Cause excitement & motivate people to act based on campaigning: try to spread out some peek-events during the pre-conference phase. Examples are: early-bird tickets available, call for papers opened. tickets or papers call closes. you may plan some buffers and extend deadlines because some people just tend to miss the first deadline :)

  4. 3 months: Get real
    --> Ticketing: early-bird rates.
    --> Start a call for papers: provide speaker information as available tracks.
    --> Support speakers: if financials permit, try to invite featured speakers.

  5. Until the conference: Juggle deadlines, team & day 0:
    Keep your people in the loop. Especially for volunteer-based work you should put a special emphasis on clear communications & task distribution within the team
    --> Venue - confirm that legal aspects are being taken care of, he expected number of attendees fits the venue, and that other primary needs are ok: security, toilets, catering, wireless network, power supplies, registration desk, sponsor booths, conference rooms, speaker setup with video, audio etc, recordings
    --> Accommodation - when inviting speakers & others, coordination complexity rises as you need to communicate logistics with those being invited and book them hotels etc. try to reserve some contingents ahead, this is also helpful for the general audience which can be pointed as possible hotel options
    --> Room capacities
    --> Catering
    --> Registration - you'll need some stuff prepared that usually gets handed over in a welcome bag: badges, program folder, sponsor materials, etc. all that needs to be prepared prior to the conference. you may also hand-out other cool stuff like t-shirts
    --> Logistics - before the conference, plan to move some stuff around. all the things that go into the welcome bags, t-shirts, roll-ups. cables if you implement your own power supplies in addition to those available at the venue.
    --> Signage - make sure that people will find their way to and around the conference by using both the virtual as the online world. on the event-site plan for arrows & floor plans to help your people find their ways. With all those things going on, make sure that your channels to the aspiring audience are in good shape: social media & website should keep people excited while you are working hard behind the scenes.

Thank you!

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This would be incredibly useful. Thank you so much!

This is some slick stuff!

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This is some slick stuff! Unfortunately, we don't have so many months.

Still good template if we plan to do a larger event!

Dates suggestions!

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Please vote for DrupalCamp Goa dates by visiting:

This is a fantastic idea to

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This is a fantastic idea to boost Drupal Goa community.
Please count me in for all the help and volunteering.
Cheers :)


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If you are planning to attend the event, express your interest at:

Dates suggestions!

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Hey! Vote for DrupalCamp Goa dates by visiting:

Count me in ;)

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I would love to volunteer for this. I am spiritually linked to Goa. Hope you got what I mean :-P

Siva Kumar Epari

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Awesome! Let's discuss about it at DrupalCamp Hyderabad 2017 on March 5th and also do some campaigning in the event. URL:

Let's collaborate to promote Drupal all over India. :)

Drupal event in Hyderabad Great!!

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It's good to hear that Drupal event will be in Hyderabad


Great news. let me know if

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Great news. let me know if I'll be able to help out there.



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I think many people will have to plan or manage expectations with the clients/PMs/family and book tickets in advance for the event.

Date needs to be finalised sooner, ideally before DCH.

Dates suggestions!

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Vote for DrupalCamp Goa dates by visiting:

Wish I could come

RockyMountainCollection's picture

I've been wanting to attend something like this for quite a while, but haven't had the time or the resources to travel for it.

Maybe next time I assume - wish we had more group meetings like this in Chicago...

It will be super awesome

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Please take help of other communities to plan the camp specially Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad.

Some inputs

  1. Website : take download from other community camp website and spin up the new theme and feature as needed.

  2. Sessions: There is interesting discussion going on w.r.t session selection criteria. I am not sure but Hyderabad community has done this some other way like regular criteria. Please check with @shiva and hussainweb.

  3. Camp Dates: Please decided asap since it should not get conflict with other camp/con events.

  4. Make everything open to community in terms of roadmap, action plans, timelines, volunteers etc.

  5. In terms of venue : IIT Goa will be best option.

  6. Shout out for volunteers form DCP , DCD, DCH

I am excited for Drupal camp Goa. :)

Distribution available for Drupal Camp, Con website

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COD distribution provide all the basic functionality required for any camp webiste. Check this.

Ashish Vitthal Dalvi
Email :
Twitter : @AshishVDalvi

Dates suggestions!

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Vote for DrupalCamp Goa dates by visiting:

There is no IIT Goa as of yet

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There is no IIT Goa as of yet so BITS GOA is a great venue option. Also it would be great if you could finalize the dates well in advance.

yes BITS

ashwinikumar's picture

yes BITS sorry no IIT in Goa

Dates Suggestions

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Vote for DrupalCamp Goa dates by visiting:

Sounds like a lot of fun!

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Sounds like a lot of fun! I'll try to make it.

Vote for DC Goa Dates

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Vote for DrupalCamp Goa dates by visiting:

Great News!! Excited much to come

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This really sounds like a lot of fun! I have got this information in from Drupal Camp Mumbai.
Can we connect for some discussion?

We're meeting at 4 on this

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We're meeting at 4 on this webex link to discuss. Join in!

Please update

kuhikar's picture

Hello gaurangagg,

I have subscribed for this event as a volunteer for helping this Great event.

However, I have not received any update from team.

Will event be postponed or have you changed the date?

Parag Kuhikar
Ahmedabad, India

Parag Kuhikar
Ahmedabad, India

Parag- We're meeting at 4 on

gauravmishra7's picture

Parag- We're meeting at 4 on this webex link to discuss. Join in!

Joining today at 4

gauravmishra7's picture

Hey Guys- We're joining today at 4 PM for a quick planning call. See if you can join.

Here's the webex link:

Please update

kuhikar's picture

Hello gauravmishra7,

Sure. We will discuss.

Parag Kuhikar
Ahmedabad, India


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