Minutes from Drupal Ireland Committee Meeting in March

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Hi all.

The committee had our monthly meeting last week. We talked mainly about the forthcoming Drupal Open Days:


First we continued the conversation from last meeting about reducing the camps to one a year. 100% of comments on https://groups.drupal.org/node/516195 favoured the move, so we have now a final decision made.

We also decided to set a trello board up for anybody wanting to give a hand as an organiser. If you would like to be added to the drupal board and help out organising with us. Please comment https://groups.drupal.org/node/516194 or send an email or direct slack message to anybody in the committee.


Regarding the date, we are considering either Fri 16th and Sat 17th of June or the previous week, 9th. It will come down to the venue.


Our preferred venue would be GEC


We discussed the possibility of charging a minimum fee (we are thinking around 20 euro for a both days ticket) to reduce the no shows and have the camp more professionally organised. If there are other camps taking place during the year they would be free.


The committee will be meeting for a second time this month, by then we will know the venue (which will lead into a decision on the dates) and will decide on sponsors. The website will go live then too.


If anyone wants to voice an opinion about anything in the minutes, please post a comment below. Thanks.