Who's hiring in Portland? (March, 2017)

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Who's hiring in Portland?

Inspired by the "Who's hiring?" threads at YC News, I'd like to try something similar here. (Yes, there's a pay-to-play Drupal job board, but it's not being used by any employers right now here in Oregon.)

Feel welcome to post a comment about your position, and please include the location of the position and keywords (ONSITE, REMOTE, FREELANCE, INTERNSHIP, etc.) so that others can easily find positions relevant to them. A one-sentence summary of your interview process would also be helpful.

Unless it's a clarifying question, please post only if you are the hiring authority or are posting on behalf of the hiring company. Thank you!


Donate Life NW has issued a Drupal Website RFP

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Donate Life NW envisions a world where no one has to wait for an organ, eye or tissue transplant. We are looking for Drupal expertise to help us build a lasting foundation for our community engagement and outreach work.

Our RFP can be downloaded here (About us/Employment Opportunities): http://www.donatelifenw.org/sites/all/themes/dlnw/images/uploaded/upload...

The position is for freelance/contractor support and our offices are located in downtown Portland.

Hey Christefano!

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Have you moved here from SoCal?


Yes! Thanks for asking

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Hey, John! Yes, I've been here for just over a year now, and I travel back to LA maybe 3-6 times a year.

See you at next month's

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See you at next month's meetup? Every 2nd Wed :)


You bet! I'll be there. It

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You bet! I'll be there.

It was great running into you at Sizzle Pie!

Squishymedia hiring

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Hey everyone, Squishymedia is looking for a Drupal / Javascript developer; maybe a little heavier on Javascript for now, but we do a lot of Drupal work so those skills would be key. This is an onsite gig here in Portland. We work with nonprofits, researchers, and government agencies on public-spirited projects. Job description is in the works, but in the meantime check out what we do at squishymedia.com and get in touch at wannawork@squishymedia.com with your CV.

What level of experience are

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What level of experience are you looking for in this role? Jr, Mid or Senior?

Hey there, we're open to

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Hey there, we're open to candidates at mid to senior levels of experience.

Just popping in to encourage

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Just popping in to encourage everyone to use Drupal Jobs as well to list your jobs. The revenue from Drupal Jobs goes to keeping drupal.org running and a post there is going to get more job seeker views than a post hidden away in groups.

The Intertwine Alliance is looking for a Drupalist

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The Intertwine Alliance, located in Portland Oregon, is an non-profit alliance of over 150 partners. We are looking for a Drupal developer to maintain our web site infrastructure. The website was recently launched and now we are looking for a talented individual or company for maintenance and possible upgrades. This would be a remote contract position.
If you are interested, please send e-mail to colin_at_theintertwine_dot_org and I will send you a description of the requirements.
Our website can be viewed at www.theintertwine.org

Thank you.

Looking for consultant to migrate D7 website content to D8

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I am looking for a consultant who has significant experience migrating content from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8. My company creates and manages Drupal websites and has gradually been getting more familiar with Drupal 8. However, we have run into serious problems in the migration of website content into version 8.

If you already have migrated multiple Drupal 7 sites to Drupal 8 and have experience getting the Drupal 8 core migration system to work correctly, please contact me.

Ben Fajen
Aeronet Communications