DrupalSouth 2019 and beyond - Call for venue committee volunteers

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Off the back of a fantastic DrupalSouth Auckland and the announcement of DrupalSouth Canberra for 2018, we're looking for volunteers to form a committee to help select and support future event venues.

We're looking for 4-6 people to be on the venue committee that will do the following:

  • Liaise with Drupal community for input and feedback on future venues and locations
  • Establish venue selection guidelines before June 2018
  • Manage a call-out and evaluation of venue proposals before September 2018
  • Select venue and announce at DrupalSouth Canberra
  • Liaise and provide support to venue organisers through 2019

The committee will operate remotely via online tools, so location is no barrier to joining and the time required will probably be less than an hour per month with more involvement likely around key milestone dates.

Ideal candidates will be passionate about Drupal and the ongoing success of a major community-driven Drupal conference for Australia and New Zealand. While not essential, it will help if you've had involvement with Drupal community or other event organisation in the past.

Volunteer submissions will be evaluated by past DrupalSouth organisers and selected based on the diversity of experience they're likely to bring to the committee.

If you're interested in being involved, please email owenlansbury@gmail.com and we're aiming to finalise the committee members by March 2018.


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