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DrupalSouth 2019 and beyond - Call for venue committee volunteers

Off the back of a fantastic DrupalSouth Auckland and the announcement of DrupalSouth Canberra for 2018, we're looking for volunteers to form a committee to help select and support future event venues.

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Are you going to DrupalSouth Auckland 16-17 Nov 2017?

Yes - I'm speaking
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Yes - I have my ticket!
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Yes - still need to get a ticket
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Maybe - still haven't decided
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No - not this eyar
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DrupalSouth Videos

Hey everyone!

The videos for DrupalSouth are now on the website!

The vids can be found embedded on each session node.

They're also all listed on our YouTube channel

plus @cafuego is threatening to create a torrent at some point.

Unfortunately, one session was not recorded, and we're not sure why / how that happened. It was the accessibility session


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DrupalSouth wiki

We've put up a community wiki you can use to organise stuff together


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DrupalSouth wants Mentors!

Realityloop's Brian Gilbert is hosting the contribution sprints on Saturday 7 March at DrupalSouth and needs some volunteers to help out as Mentors.

Please get in touch if you're interested and willing to help get newcomers up to speed on how to contribute back to the Drupal Project. (you'll get a free T-shirt and bucketloads of karma)

Go to https://melbourne2015.drupal.org.au/contact and select Mentoring from the pull down menu.

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DrupalSouth Schedule is up!

The full session schedule for DrupalSouth has been posted to the website.


Of course this may be subject to change.

It's also available as an ical and json feed.

A huge thankyou to the team for getting it together, all of you who submitted sessions, the content team who reviewed them, and Chris, Rikki and Pete for getting it ship shape on the site.

Less than a month to go now, so get your ticket!


Need help with a business case to convince your boss?

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Have you got your DrupalSouth ticket yet?

Join us in Melbourne over 3 days in March for DrupalSouth.

The main conference takes place over Thursday 5th and Friday 6th, with an all in contribution sprint on Saturday 7th!


Key details:
When? 5-7 March 2015
Where? Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
How much? $440

Keynotes by Angela "Webchick" Byron and Harriet Wakelam.

If you've already got a ticket, or you are speaking, please do help us spread the word and make sure everyone who should be there with us knows about it!

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Where will DrupalSouth 2016 be?

Since the original DrupalSouth Christchurch 2008, Drupal communities in Australia and New Zealand have organised major Drupal events with attendees numbering in the hundreds and international speakers for six consecutive summers:

  • DrupalSouth Wellington 2010
  • Drupal DownUnder Brisbane 2011
  • Drupal DownUnder Melbourne 2012
  • DrupalCon Sydney 2013
  • DrupalSouth Wellington 2014
  • DrupalSouth Melbourne 2015
  • DrupalSouth ... 2016?
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Webchick to keynote DrupalSouth!

We're delighted to announce that the keynote speaker for DrupalSouth 2015 will be Angela "webchick" Byron.

If you're a Drupal enthusiast, Angie needs no introduction. For everyone else, her influence is there (whether you know it or not) every time you use a Drupal site, and it's been there for nearly 10 years.

Angie is a co-maintainer of Drupal Core, a Drupal educator, a community leader, and a passionate open source evangelist. She also manages to squeeze in a full-time job as Director of Community Development at Acquia.

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DrupalSouth - Early Bird tix almost sold out!

There are only a few early bird tickets left. So if you want one, grab it now.


[ update: sorry! somehow all groups got selected, when only 3 should have :( fixed. ]

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