Question about the "Author" and user in blogs and the breadcrumb

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I understand the benefit of having an additional "author" content type, unrelated to a user, but I've noticed that when I create an author that is not in the user database, in the end, I get this in the blog breadcrumb:

"Home » Blogs » jchoo's blog"

where "jchoo" is my user login.

So, even though I am able to create a blog author without necessarily relying on that author to be a user in my user database, the page is still relying on a user name for the breadcrumb. When I delete the user name from the "author information", the breadcrumb shows:

"Home » Blogs » 's blog"

It still expects something to be there.

Does anyone know a workaround for this? This isn't mission critical, just a little sloppy.



Same question

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I noticed the same and would like to have the xxx's blog removed. Ideally, the blog should be written by an author of the site. But there is always the need for an exception. I myself want to put content in that blog section and would like not to associate with any particular drupal user.

Thanks for posting it. I need the solution, too.

If the developers don't mind

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I sure the developers are really tired of my posts... with a good share of them being really dumb questions, but if somehow one of my myriad of issues actually coincides with what others are dealing with, then great. Hopefully, making OP better.

Actually, yes, in most cases blogs are intended to be posted by the user, but in our case, until we decide to allow these "bloggers" to post, we will be posting these for them. Our site will be for a monthly Business Journal and these individuals are fixtures that we deemed would work best as blogs on the website. Hence, this situation.

hah hah hah ... I enjoyed

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hah hah hah ... I enjoyed your comment.

I think you are benefiting OP in many ways. No question is silly/dumb, it ultimately benefits the end user, if answered.

No question is silly/dumb

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I saw the same issue when I updated and had to delete a lot of spam accounts. Mollom was not set correctly and had 34 guest posts in 4 hours time. All showed "Home » Blogs » 's blog" until I deleted them too. I thought it was something on my end and was not too concerned, but it shows that there is never a silly question unless it is un asked. So thank you for pointing it out and I will look into it more. Coworking Florida is a community driven shared office space in Boynton Beach Florida Local Non Profit Tech Community In South Florida BarCamp Palm Beach is an ad-hoc unc

@Signal, it's definitely an

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it's definitely an oversight. Breadcrumb should work off of Author nodes and not users. Let us look into it and get back to you, and thank you for raising this issue.


Thank you for looking into this...

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I appreciate all the encouragement, be careful though, I might be encouraged to remove the self-imposed blocks and start spewing forth all my dumb questions... I've only exposed the tip of the iceberg : )

This has been fixed and will

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This has been fixed and will be available in the next version of OP.