Drupal.org API

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Would be great if the new Drupal.org can expose an api that allow for the following:

  • retrieving the latest recommended release of drupal
  • retrieving a list of modules
  • retrieving an issue list on a module
  • retrieving jobs
  • retrieving events

This would open up the door for loads of nice utilities that can assist Drupal developers.


d.o API - OMG that's an absolutely great idea!...

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I really hope that this comes true. As you say it would open up the door for many time saving applications.


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After doing some reading - I have found the following:

Where module is replaced by project name (e.g. 'cck') and core is replaced by the core entry in the .info file of the specific module.
- http://drupal.org/node/790450

which led me to

http://updates.drupal.org/release-history/project-list/all (large xml file - lists all projects - modules,themes,...)

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What would be really good is if handbook pages could have access to d.o project variables and embed these in tables and such.

For example on Comparison of Node Ordering Modules instead of page maintainers having to update the page manually you would be able to insert variable links which would keep the figures totally up to date and save us loads of time.

How could we do that? Embed variables!

Is there any API defined for this?

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Is there any API defined for this? I'm looking toward consuming this kind of data with a project.

I Like

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good direction.

"If you have to do a sequence of actions more than twice, they are in the wrong abstraction layer :D" - Learned from drupal