Drupal Learning Objectives Chat

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2010-05-10 03:00 - 04:00 America/New_York
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Online meeting (eg. IRC meeting)

Last week's Training and Curriculum Chat ( read transcript ) on #drupal-dojo led us to a few actionable items:

  1. Our next meeting will be Monday, May 10th, 3PM Eastern time (US)
  2. Come up with an agenda for next week's meeting. Also, Ryan needs more experience moderating meetings on IRC.
  3. Interested parties should use a wiki page to collaborate on a list of possible Jobs or Roles. See below.

Job Task Analysis, or a step to Develop A CurriculUM (DACUM)

Before we can actually start creating any sort of a Curriculum, Syllabus, Learning Outcomes, Proficiency Standards, Competencies, or any of that, we need to come up with a list of Jobs one might be trained to do that are related to planning, implementing and maintaining a Drupal site. The idea here is to collect these roles and then create a face-to-face event where we try to collect all of the Job Tasks someone with each job description might have to know how to do.

After we get a list of Jobs or Roles, we will be holding a session around just ONE of these, e.g. Drupal Themer - what are all the things a themer needs to know? Once we have an understanding, we will open source that part.

After the Job Task Analysis, I understand there is a standard list of "Skills and Abilities" that can be mapped to almost any of these Tasks.

Once we know the Skills and Abilities we're aiming for, this part of the plan can be considered complete, and we can work on another Job or Role. If anyone wants to use the information we've created, that's another plan and another group. To think of it in another way, this is like a requirements gathering process, or the part where we make user stories, etc.

I'm sure I'm missing parts of this, but this is just to get a general gist of what the end point is.
Apparently what we're embarking on is a process of Instructional Design. The exact method is possibly yet to be determined. I am reaching out to someone whom I know has hard-core experience here, and I know some people in this group fall into that bucket as well.

The transcript from last week's chat is here: http://www.disobey.com/bot/log/drupal-dojo/2010-05-03#T3627789


Agenda for today's (5/10) chat?

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Just checking in to see if there is an update on the goals for today's IRC chat. Also, there was chatter about changing the logistics (audio? live meeting?). Any update?

Barry Madore
Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN

We used Etherpad during the

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We used Etherpad during the meeting to devise an agenda, and keep notes of agreed items.


Drupal Open Curriculum
Discussion: May 10, 2010
IRC: #drupal-dojo (log: http://www.disobey.com/bot/log/drupal-dojo/2010-05-10)

1) Decided where the conversation should take place (the canonical location).

  • All conversations should be posted to the Curriculum and Training group.
  • Tag related items as Open Curriculum, these will appear on the tab.


  • Post weekly open invitations to the group, and write up results there.
  • Post any related research to open discussions to the wider group
  • Discuss / revise documentation, goals, etc.

2) Decided and agreed on scope and what is outside of scope

* Define learner roles - see the related wiki here: http://groups.drupal.org/node/67763
* Job task analysis survey
-- Survey community member, what roles do people identify as, what tasks are required of them?
-- Survey employers, what skills do they expect of people of X or Y role.

* Instructional design methods
* Specific course materials or lessons

3) In the next phase we will focus on a a specific role. Before we can choose one, we should define the main common roles.
(discussion on roles/tasks moved to http://groups.drupal.org/node/67763)


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After the discussion got started, we began a document in iEtherPad. (http://ietherpad.com/100510-drupal-curriculum) 3 objectives were identified:

  1. Decide where the conversation should take place (the canonical location).
  2. Decide and agree on scope and what is outside of scope
  3. Choose a role based on the approach that we should start small

We decided to use the Drupal.org redesign as a model project from which to extract roles. Please edit the Roles in Drupal Development wiki or leave a comment there to further the discussion.

A chat log from today's meeting is here: http://www.disobey.com/bot/log/drupal-dojo/2010-05-10#T3652424


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A quick Google Search for DACUM (Developing a Curriculum) turned up a few useful sites:




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Both before and during the chat, the idea of distributing a survey to Drupal employers was thrown out there.

Some possible questions:

Why would you like to see an open (community-maintained) curriculum? How might you benefit?

What are common job titles on your projects? How do you separate work? Please choose a specific project, and note the size of the project (budget, traffic, number of nodes).

ISD needed?

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Apparently what we're embarking on is a process of Instructional Design. The exact method is possibly yet to be determined. I am reaching out to someone whom I know has hard-core experience here, and I know some people in this group fall into that bucket as well.

If this group is still in need of a "hard-core" experienced Instructional Designer, please let me know. I have a lot of experience designing, developing, and delivering technology training. I have designed both f-2-f and online learning experiences. My Masters in Ed is in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on instructional technology. As for Drupal, I have been planning and building Drupal sites since D4.6. I have just started developing some Drupal training so this topic is on my mind.

Wow, I sound like I am applying for a job. ;-) I would be interested in chatting with one of the two organizers before the next meeting to determine how my input could be best managed.

Heya Cindy! Nice to see you

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Heya Cindy! Nice to see you again. Last night, we discussed what was inside and outside of the scope of the working group we've formed. And we won't be touching on instructional design, as Ryan said above.

We are forming a group to determine a common language and armature - it's a first stage and step.

First we're going broad by defining the learner roles, (some call them personas, or tracks). Then we will do a task analysis to outline what a person in that role would be expected to do, in terms of Drupal. This will be done through surveys of those in the community.

We are not going to delve into instructional design, we don't need to debate methods or practices in instructional design, nor will we discuss specific learning materials and courses.

This will not constitute a curriculum. But it will be an armature and a common language. The language is pretty much already out there and in use, we just need to define it as trainers and content creators.

The main benefactor of this will be the learner, to help them climb up that armature. And it will make it easier for people making learning content to point it to the right audience.

If you have some passion and some time, please do join us for the next discussion! Monday afternoon/evening, 3pm EST and 8pm GMT