Meetup May 2010 - At ActiveLAMP in Victorville

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2010-05-06 12:00 - 13:30 America/Los_Angeles
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User group meeting



That's right, ActiveLAMP will be buying pizza and soda for all attendees. Come join us at the ActiveLAMP office, and tell your friends.

The High Desert Drupal group meets the first Thursday of every month. This local group is a nice place for people to learn and talk about Drupal, a world popular content management system (CMS). We also talk about web development in general, covering all aspects from planning, design, development, and maintaining a web site. RSVP is not required and attendance is free. Tell all your friends!

What are we going to talk about?

The Drupal Bootstrap.

What the heck is the drupal bootstrap? Just like with any computer, you have to boot a computer before you can begin using it. This is also the case for Drupal. To use Drupal you have to boot it up on each page request. A lot of code that has to load just to serve a page. Fortunately there are phases to the Drupal bootstrap, so in some cases for certain requests it may not be necessary to fully boot up Drupal to do things, which inherently would load a lot less code.

This month Kevin Herrington from ActiveLAMP will be giving us a run down of the Drupal Bootstrap. We're in for a treat! Tell your friends.


After Kevin's presentation, Joseph Gutierrez will give a presentation titled "Why drupal 6.x SimpleTest is not a developer's tool". We'll hear Joe's perspective of the SimpleTest module for Drupal.

Community Time / Lightning Talks

We'll open up the floor to the community where anyone can talk about anything technology related. Do you have anything cool you want to share with the community this month? Don't be shy, share your knowledge!!!

Where are we meeting?

ActiveLAMP in Victorville

We are meeting at the new ActiveLAMP office in Victorville, on the corner of Ridgecrest Rd and Bear Valley Rd, in the Ridgecrest Business Park.

If you plan on attending, sign up for an account on this site and then click the "Sign Up" button below to let us know you're coming. You DO NOT have to sign up on this site to attend, you can just show up. If you do sign up, you'll be emailed a reminder for the meeting on one day before the meeting.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any suggestions.