Seattle Consultants and Companies List

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I thought it might be useful if we created a list of Seattle-area companies and individuals who do Drupal projects for clients. The idea would be that the list could be viewed by potential clients, who might not want to make an account and post a job, and also that other Seattle Drupal User Group members could use the list to find people to refer clients to or help them on projects. It will also give the group members an idea of what type of Drupal expertise we have available locally.

Due to history tracking issues with the Wiki setup on, I think the best way to make this list is to have anyone who would like to be listed reply to this post. Suggested information to include:

  • Your name and/or company name
  • Contact information and/or web site
  • A short blurb about your level of expertise
  • What you or your company does, related to Drupal -- e.g. start-to-finish site creation, theme development, module development, content creation, graphic design, etc.

If you are not local to the Seattle/King County Metro Area please DO NOT add yourself to this list


Comments on the format/idea

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Please reply to this comment if you have comments on the idea or format.

Reply to the main post if you want to include yourself in the list.

How about the Peninsula

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What if you're not from the Seattle area, but there isn't a Drupal group, or indeed very many Drupalers, where you're from? I'm from Port Townsend, but still try to stay connected with the Seattle Drupal group. Very new to Drupal, so I'm still feeling my way around the community :D

South King County, Auburn to

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South King County, Auburn to be exact!

Oh, I didn't realize there

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Oh, I didn't realize there was another Drupaler in PT! I am here too! Hi!

Miko's Support and Design

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Hi Jennifer- I visited your site a while back and read completely through your Content Types and Views presentation. Good job!

Also I reviewed your Drupal Cheat sheet. Again- great piece. Can be very helpful to many. Notte: I was thinking- Under the sites/ and sites/all description, you might want to also make note of sites/libraries as the standard location for storing WYSIWYG module associated rich text editor module Javascript files and related files.

For more detail about my services, aside from below, see web site:

Here's the blurb I wrote. It's fairly Dickensian but it'll do for now I guess:

"A former UC Berkeley level IV programmer and Associate IT Director, Miko offers more than two decades of programming and data development experience. As a web developer and webmaster with extensive graphic design and HTML/CSS templating experience, Miko has designed, developed, maintained and/or administered about 30 web sites in the past 10 years, and remains both webmaster and technical consultant for 9 live sites, 5 of which are PHP/MySQL based and content-managed, with 2 of those sites using Drupal. Miko's experience with Drupal includes an extensive person learning experience and brings with it a background in numerous content managment systems. As a Drupal technical consultant, Miko has done complete installation, has configured Drupal from scratch, has installed all the overly-necessary standard modules like WYSIWIG editors, CCK, and Imagefield/IMCE, has set up granular user rights, has created content types and views and organized site blocks, has developed content taxonomies, has organized menus, has managed url/SEO optimization, has resolved false user account creation issues, has customised the CSS and HTML of templates, has assisted with PHP upgrade issues, and has worked around corrupted image presentation functionality. His 16 years of experience creating web pages and sites of various sort, as well as considerable experience with content management in a LAMP framework, make this Yale graduate ideal support for people with Drupal web sites who have learned the value of truly broad-based support."

MIKO, Creative Technical Support and Developer
Miko's Support and Design Services, Seattle

Bear Group - Seattle Drupal Development Services

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About Bear Group
We are a web development firm specializing in Drupal and Magento. Whether we are building a website, offering Drupal and Magento consulting or deploying development teams for complex projects, we make sure your company is tapping the web’s full potential to grow your business.

Location and Contact Info
Bear Group, Inc.
2540 Westlake Avenue North
Suite A
Seattle, WA 98109

We're located over the water on Westlake Avenue, halfway between Fremont and South Lake Union. There’s plenty of free parking in front. (Please watch out for the cyclists!)

(206) 973-7940



Good idea

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Name: rusted code
We would consider ourselves pretty savvy when it comes to creating Drupal sites. We've done everything from creating basic sites for small businesses to eCommerce sites with custom modules. We do both start-to-finish site creation where we design a site and implement it in Drupal as well as working with outside designers to implement a design as a Drupal site.


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Name: DigitalAid

We have been building Drupal sites - mostly for social justice groups - since 2003. We provide strategic website planning, website design, development, etc. - the whole 9 yards. We give Writing for the Web trainings to help clients develop engaging content. We have written some modules, but we always try to use the contributions available and give feedback or post patches. We have a strong focus on providing support beyond the initial project, and we provide training, hosting and Drupal security packages to keep our clients' sites up-to-date. We are a team of 5. I'm the founder and principal, and I do the whole 9 yards pretty much except for custom module development.


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Name: GeoHelper

My time is limited at the moment, but I focus on Drupal and Facebook services.


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Josh Lind - ReadyDone |

Created several sites with lots of modules and customization. Done some hacking at modules, but have tried to reform my ways.
I have a CVS account but haven't completed my module for release yet. I'd love some help with the push process.

I'm a developer/designer so this CMS makes my life easier and more efficient. I love it.

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Hazel Consulting LLC provides Drupal theming, module development, training, and other technology consulting services to our clients. Focusing on non-profits and small business, Hazel Consulting leverages the power of the Drupal community to help our clients organizations grow and succeed.

In addition to working directly with clients, we also participate regularly in the Seattle DUG and co-working events, most recently speaking at Drupal Camp Vancouver 08 and Linux Fest Northwest 08, as well as sponsoring Drupal Camp Seattle 08

Steampunk Webwerks

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Steampunk Webwerks specializes in Drupal development, deployment and customization. Collectively we have over 34 years of wide ranging design and development experience. We also do graphic design, but usually prefer to work with other designers. If you are a designer and need an experienced implementation team to partner with, contact us. Designers who are looking for jobs, feel free to contact us as well so we know who you are when we're in need of a designer.

Count Me In

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I am soooo new to this environment.
I am a graphic artist, and was recently introduced to Drupal as a means of increasing my skill level. I would be interested in resources of training or classes on the full scope of Drupal....



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Nancy L. Worthington - Eclectic Gecko Design

I've created several Drupal sites as well as some custom themes (making good use of the CSS-based Zen theme). My primary focus is design, although I've recently put my programming skills to good use learning to develop custom modules as well. I'm interested in working on some exciting projects in the near future. I'd also love to meet up with some fellow Drupal experts in the Seattle area to exchange ideas.

Earth Core Media

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Jennifer White / Earth Core Media
(360) 584-0970 /
Drupal Project Manager

Our team has been working with Drupal since 2005.

o Informational, interactive and eCommerce Site Development
o Drupal Consulting
o Drupal Installation, Customization
o Drupal Training
o Drupal Maintenance & Upgrades
o Custom Module Development
o Drupal Theme Design
o Search Engine Optimization
o Search Engine Advertising Campaign Management


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Their domain is gone...

Earth Core Media is a Fraud Company

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Not only did they not deliver services, they have refused the return of my money. I engaged them to upgrade my site; three months later, I had no completion to the work, and no refund for lack of services rendered. Buyer beware.

Drupal Training Courses in Seattle Area

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Open Source Training is now starting Drupal training for beginners in Seattle. I will be teaching the classes.

The first Seattle Drupal Classis coming on March 24, 2010 You can get all the details from the following URL. More classes will be scheduled in the future so keep checking for updated schedules. On-Site corporate training is also available.

If you have clients that are trying to self-manage their sites using Drupal, the beginner course is an excellent place to send them. Intermediate and advanced courses will be scheduled in the future.

Hope to see some of you there
Ed Andrea

Bio For Ed Andrea
For the last 15 years Ed has been creating and managing web development projects. During the last 20 years he taught Continuing Education Classes to real estate agents. He developed the web marketing curriculum for the Washington Realtor’s Association and Seattle King County Association of Realtors. He was an approved instructor for Top Producer Software, and taught their sponsored classes and seminars. He runs his own webdesign firm,, specialising in Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal.

Seattle website designer

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Our Services:

• Seattle Website Design
Seattle website design is our game -- developing web sites in
the Seattle, WA area mostly; but, in reality we can develop
for anyone, anywhere.

• Seattle Web Hosting
Seattle New Media mostly only provides hosting space for
our clients. We have awesome prices -- check us out.

• Seattle Internet Marketing
In addition to getting beautiful and function sites up on the
Internet, we also spend a lot of time with clients working on
their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies, advertising
and email campaigns.

Seattle New Media is here to provide great Web services at great rates in
a timely manner in the Seattle, WA area and beyond.

Some of our other services we can offer include are:
• Blogs
• Business card design
• Custom MySQL development
• Custom PHP coding
• Ecommerce websites
• Flash design
• Logo design
• Magazine/newspaper ads
• Photo editing/retouching
• Photo galleries
• Print design
• Search engine optimization (SEO)
• Stationary design
• Web site traffic analysis

Please visit:

SOMOS Design

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SOMOS design creates innovative online experiences.

Our team of design and development, professionals generate solutions that serve mission-based organizations. We provide web design, web development, search engine optimization, online branding, art direction, product conception, and online media product creation. Based in Seattle, we leverage design and evolving technologies for groups nationwide.

Please see our complete portfolio showcase.

Snohomish & King County Based Design Company

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Company: Michael Kilmer & Associates

Drupal Experience: We have been developing Drupal based websites for 2 years. We deal primarily with custom theme development and module setup.

Services We Offer: We create business personas (brand marketing) to help businesses have an identity that people can relate. We do this with Graphic Design (business cards, brochures, logo) and then apply it to custom built websites.

E-Commerce, custom integrations, custom module development

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Company Name: Freelock Computing
3800 Woodland Park Ave N
Seattle, WA 98103

Phone: 206-577-0540

We've been doing a lot of e-commerce, integrations with other systems, directories, and challenging development projects with Drupal. We're not designers, but we often subcontract for design shops to handle the technical part. A growing part of our business is ongoing maintenance -- we currently have around 20 clients on a monthly support contract to cover security updates, support, and adding new features, getting full value out of their investment in Drupal.

* E-commerce/Ubercart/PCI Compliance
* Fully managed Drupal hosting
* Content migration/importing/scraping
* Integration with web services, both ends
* Dojo Toolkit integration, charts, vector graphics, widgets
* Upgrades, migrations, maintenance
* Strategic thinking, business planning
* Custom module development

Drupal & LAMP development.

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Drupal & LAMP development.

Looking for a Mentor... prepared to work for free...

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Hi All,

I am a Drupal newbie and very keen to learn more about Drupal... I am looking for a Drupal Mentor... I am willing to work for free during this period...

Please let me know if you would like to share your knowledge with me by giving me some of your work and your guidance... Moonlighting mostly or weekends...

Thanks for your time...

Drupal, Content, SEO

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Corey Kahler

Drupal developer specializing in content sites, working with content strategy, custom themes, custom modules and SEO. I also tutor and train folks just getting started or looking to take their Drupal work up a notch.

Thanks for starting this thread.

Art Director, Smashing Ideas

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Colin Proctor
Art Director at Smashing Ideas for Sony Pictures Television International and Sony Movie Channel

Always looking for resources: themers, back end devs, producers, etc.

I can be reached at

Hello! My name is Amy Renhard

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My name is Amy Renhard and I am a Technical Recruiter with Randstad Technologies. My office is in downtown Bellevue and we work with a variety of clients in the Seattle area, from startups to giants, and everyone in between. Feel free to send me resumes or share my contact information with friends looking for work in the area.

Amy Renhard

Freelance Drupal/Web Developer

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My name is Jeremy, and I'm a Seattle-based freelance web developer. I'm a junior level developer, but I've already been involved in a number of websites and I'm well versed at front and back end development. I know HTML, JavaScript (including jQuery and Ajax), PHP, MySQL, and XML to name a few. Drupal-wise, I know how to set up a completely custom theme and while I'm not quite at the level where I can write all out modules, I know how to extend Drupal with custom PHP and MySQL. My home site has recently been migrated to Drupal and I am working on two other Drupal projects, one of which is an e commerce site with a custom shopping cart and the other being a prototype for a B2B book publishing company. I also have good experience with ExpressionEngine and WordPress, played around with Joomla! a little bit, and have even created my own custom CMS solutions. I have a business license for my freelance development, so I can take on both traditional W-2 and 1099 vendor positions. If you need a go-getting reliable developer whose ambition makes up for being a rookie, do give me a shout.

~Jeremy Perry
Cell: 425-210-3586
Business: 206-923-9014

I just finished a migration from a custom PHP setup to Drupal, so please let me know if you find any bugs on my site.

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Company: Fuse IQ, Inc.
Contact: Joel Meyers (206) 788-4484 x101,

Who, What, Why:
Fuse IQ's mission is to help organizations create lasting impact around the globe through leveraging open-source Web technologies, primarily Drupal and CiviCRM. Through our Drupal solutions Fuse IQ helps organizations strengthen communities and empower individuals around the globe by connecting people to resources, needs to solutions, and ideas to action.

Fuse IQ is headquartered in Seattle and we have clients across the country including New York, Illinois, California and Oregon.

We offer idea to conception Drupal site creation: strategy, design, and implementation. We train our clients thoroughly on the tools to ensure they are as self sufficient as possible. Our process is rooted in the belief that form follows function.

Case Studies:
Partial Client List:

Thanks Jennifer - great idea!

Celebrate Drupal

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Hi we are a firm in Olympia, 1hr South of Seattle and the State capitol. We are highly experienced with Drupal enterprise builds for government, startup, corporate and NGO clients.

Contact: Chris McGrath

We have also created two separate divisions; one a Drupal only professional community where Employers can connect with the best Drupal Talent, whether they be Developer, Project Manager or Designer. Our other division offers Ecommerce hosting and support for Drupal Ubercart or Commerce shops and is called SnapShops

Through a customer can choose from 4 different monthly hosting price points and receive on-call discounted hourly rates for support divided into 3 Tiers with differing price levels dependent on skill required for the work.

Please give us a shout if you would like to utilize our services, and we are also always open to exciting partnerships.

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Professional Drupal training in the Puget Sound by experienced and trusted former university educator. Expert technical writing and content coordination.

Life is a strange fast trip .... good thing we all have seats.

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We just moved to Redmond from the Bay Area in California! Here's our portfolio:

We do a ton of Drupal and we're an Acquia partner, and also do a lot of work on Pantheon. We have a lot of experience with other CMSes and frameworks, and have experience with everything from Drupal-specific multi-server hosting setups, Oracle, MongoDB, Solr, etc etc. Quite a lot of what we've done lately for enterprise clients is Salesforce and Marketo integration, and design/dev of microsites and partner portal type stuff.


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We would consider ourselves pretty savvy when it comes to creating Drupal sites. We've done everything from creating basic sites for small businesses to eCommerce sites with custom modules. We do both start-to-finish site creation where we design a site and implement it in Drupal as well as working with outside designers to implement a design as a Drupal site. coradar