HOW to make a Drupal IntraNet ??! + social activist site building

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Hi, missing a link to an informative page/wiki on the IntraNet group page; about ways to accomplish a Drupal IntraNet and pros & cons of different methods doing so? Just a guess; I tried if a "intranet" module exists and yes: ... Next try, what more shows up under intranet?

OK, now I get confused, so maybe I shouldn't install the intranet module..?
* "Galaminds Intranet solution"
* "Basic private intranet"
* "OG-Intranet"
* "single-two sites?"
* "Linking Drupal Intranet with OpenAtrium"
* "Case Study: OfficeMedium (Drupal Saas)"
* "Intranet Knowlege Base - Installation and Configuration Guide" (depreciated documentation)
* and so on...
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Back to what I want. I like this idea: Limit OG to the intranet -
Actually what I like is more complex with complicated issues: A site for social organizations where they also can Open Publish like the Independent Media Center / Indymedia system. So groups, CiviCRM, really many modules; so they can do their campaigns and work. Then an intranet should be very nice to do work together within organizations and between organizations.

But now the bottleneck: open and free publishing also has risks of info that gives a response from authorities, who can confiscate the server and/or try to spy on. So many data and orgs on only one site, makes it like a gold-berg to some to get access to all that info, or to sabotage. So other say this never should be all together on one site, especially not together with an open publishing system because of the political and repressive risks. But I know from experience that most barriers I made for security, mostly only negatively affected production. So I prefer to bring all together to one site, but also being separated?! A login site, shielded sites with different information, some central site, hidden or not (reversed proxy etc)... I don't know what is possible with Drupal to have ONE installation, but have info and users separated?


For an intranet checkout Open

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For an intranet checkout Open Atrium.
For running multiple sites off of one codebase with some shared tables checkout Drupal's mult-site capability

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Open Atrium is a good option.

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OA also let's you make groups private, so that only admin & managers can add and delete people from private groups. That might be a solution to your security concerns.

And what about this Open Atrium 'module'?

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And what about this Open Atrium module(?) -

Then I don't understand where I can find the install profile. Or if I want to install Open Atrium without re-installing Drupal, how I have to do that? OK, I see now that Open Atrium is 'just' a set of standard Drupal modules interacting, instead of something special like CiviCRM?

And an integration with the Intranet module, doesn't seem realistic at this point?