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HOW to make a Drupal IntraNet ??! + social activist site building

Hi, missing a link to an informative page/wiki on the IntraNet group page; about ways to accomplish a Drupal IntraNet and pros & cons of different methods doing so? Just a guess; I tried if a "intranet" module exists and yes: ... Next try, what more shows up under intranet?

OK, now I get confused, so maybe I shouldn't install the intranet module..?
* "Galaminds Intranet solution"
* "Basic private intranet"
* "OG-Intranet"
* "single-two sites?"
* "Linking Drupal Intranet with OpenAtrium"

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Indymedia Portugal relaunched in Drupal

Indymedia Portugal ( was launched on the last November 30th, marking the 10th anniversary of Indymedia and of the Seattle protests.

This was, in fact, a relaunch. The old website (Mir) went offline around 2 years ago and the editorial collective had no longer enough dynamic to run the process. A new collective formed recently and decided to relaunch the website. Drupal was the chosen platform :)

The theme is a Zen subtheme, called indyactivist, which we will contribute after properly cleaning the code.

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Indymedia Drupal Starter Kit

Tom from Indymedia Scotland has put together a collection of modules which will put together a starter site for anyone wanting to move over to Drupal for their Indymedia Site

They can be found here

We also have a full distribution stored at

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IMC related documentation and wishlist

So I agree for the most part with the idea that we don't necessarily need an install profile so much as a bunch of documentation on how to set-up a Drupal based IMC.

I'm not sure if this would be super helpful for the IMC's that have next to no tech related help, but at least if we had a set of default procedures and workflows we could utilize this in order to set-up a site for them without having to spend a lot of time deliberating over the best way to do something within drupal.

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How to prevent a drupal meltdown when you've got a major protest or event to cover

I'm working on synthesizing some of the lessons learned (and still being learned) as deals with the huge traffic associated with the RNC protests and the brutal police response.

Check out the wiki page on docs.indy - feedback and additions welcome!

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Drupal for Journalism

Quick post to let Indymedia folks know that the Knight Drupal Initiative, hosted as another group here on g.d.o, is taking applications. I don't think this has been crossposted yet. I personally would be interesting in working with people on Indymedia-benefiting proposals.

benjamin, Agaric Design Collective

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Drupal for Indymedia - a comprehensive review/proposal

As a result of the recent TechMeet meeting that happened last Sunday, it has been decided to revive the Imc-CMS discussion and to try and pick a CMS to focus indymedia developer attention to.

I volunteered to try and coordinate it with whoever else wants to help.

They are trying to have this info ready by December 1st.

The other teams are the IndyPlone and a lot of IMCistas trying to develop a code-base from scratch with CakePHP.

The goal:

  • work on an environment they assigment for and investigate it
  • collect the pros and cons
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a reportback from DrupalCon Barcelona 2007

Here are some reports from DrupalCon Barcelona!

  • We had representatives of uk/nl, hungary, be, indybay & beirut imc present -- the conference as a whole had almost 450 people. of course we also met up with local barcelona techies who do use drupal -- they were just too busy to make it to drupalcon so we met up at a hacklab ;)

  • The new Drupal 6, CCK, Views, FormAPI, Panels, etc. will be awesome -- but not without your help ;) as always you can help with user interface suggestions, documentation, testing, etc. etc.

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1.0 release of indymedia cities module

The 1.0 release of the indymedia cities module is available. Please try it out and file any bugs/feature requests/support requests. Thanks...

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Columbus IMC wiki

This link was forwarded to me and originated from the Columbus, OH IMC list.

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