how do I use "node in block" ?

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I want to use the node in block-module but Iisn't visible. I checked the input formats, but it's not visible

In the context I assigned the node-in-block to the region I want it to display, but it doesn't show. It shows on the Node-in-Block config, but not on the page itself.
I like the feature, but how do I configure it, so it will show?




what I want to do with a node in a block

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I've tried the different options, but don't get it to work.

I have articles that are related to each other. On the article-detail page I want to show related article(s) (full or teaser) in the right-side column.

I thought I had the solution with nodes-as-block. In the related article I modified the page specific visibility settings to the nodes that should see it and had to add it to the context -> article-detail page (a bit dirty but the only way I could make the block visible since the block-settings are overriden). The node did indeed show in the block as I want, but now it is shown in every article.

??? What is the openpublish way to do this?

Actually there's a new

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Actually there's a new feature that was developed for OP 2.3 called Editor's Choice which does what you need. It will be available by the end of the month. You can wait for that if you want, but even if you don't, you should use nodeblock because that's the module Editor's Choice uses. Nose-as-block is an alternative and, in our opinion, inferior solution for the same functionality.


thanks Irakli

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I'll wait then. My implementation didn't work after all. I'm not in that much of a rush :-)