Roles and responsibilities for the Drupal re-design

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Hello, I've begun contacting individuals who've expressed interest in taking on a formal role in the redesign.

Here are some roles I am looking to have filled. The roles will take approximately a 12 month commitment, depending on the role.

  • Business owners - Business leaders from the community with proven track records of deliver solid business results of a major Drupal site deliverable
  • small consulting business representative: A person to represent the interests of small <= 3 person Drupal consulting shops
  • Hosting business representatives:
  • RFP team - handle the RFP and bidding process and recommendations to the Drupal association
  • Architects - People who specialize in translating business goals into Drupal architecture
  • Revenue team - people who will create a market place and manage relationships with people who wish to purchase services on such as advertising.
  • Lead programmer
  • Programming team
  • Project managers
  • Designers
  • Quality assurance team

These are all volunteer positions. Note, you will be working with organization that will be paid by the Drupal association to produce design deliverables. You should be comfortable with volunteering and working with paid organizations.

Kieran Lal


Lead architect for search

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I want to be involved in the discussion that covers how we will do federated search (search d.o., g.d.o., api.d.o. a.d.o. and any other sites at once), as well as how we can make search scale. I will lead the technical aspects of search on for the duration of the redesign.

Ratings and reviews

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If the redesign is to incorporate ratings and reviews (I have heard conflicting reports), I am very interested in leading that effort. I believe my work at is a strong start, and I hope we can build on that momentum together. I am very open to working with the association to incorporate this resource and its feature set into Drupal in an official capacity. I have many ideas about the best way to accomplish this, and would love to discuss them with you.

I am already taking steps to convert what I have built into contributed modules, and I have, and will continue to submit patches to the existing modules I am using.

John Forsythe

Great start

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You've done a very nice job with It would be great to see your efforts incorporated into an official drupal site. But the time has come for module ratings!

Drupal tips, tricks and services - Effective Drupal

Drupal tips, tricks and services - Effective Drupal

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Hi John, I think starting an new wiki page with IA for Drupal modules, plus implementation recommendations would be a great benefit.

The recommendations I've been working with the University of Michigan are based on contextual analysis. But their algorithms are intended to take many inputs which could also include direct voting. My reluctance with direct voting is due to the gaming that so often done to the results and it becomes a pain to counter it. Also, if quality recommendations are our goal then it's more important to have a select group of experts recommend modules than have it crowd sourced. But that doesn't mean voting is not one valuable input that could be factored in.

Start with a new wiki page with the recommended IA, even consider doing it as a case study. The more work we do in this group, the better off we will be when it comes to settle on a design implementation.


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theming, design, IA, etc...

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Hey Kieran,

I'm down to help with any theming or design related work, let me know how i can be of assistance...



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Hi Travis, there two important tasks you can help with.

1) Scoping the size of the theme redesign for D.O. and all the other *.d.o properties. We've not really had anyone try to quantify exactly what it would mean to theme D.O. as it is today. You can make some assumptions that project module, views, CCK will be used in the Drupal 6 upgrade. I believe Earl has already ported BlueBeach to Drupal 6. Neil continues to make improvements and so I'd start by talking to Neil Drumm and offer your help maintain BlueBeach as part of getting BlueBeach for Drupal 6.

2) We started extending bluebeach for We had a lot of volunteers and got a lot of good work done. We need to summarize those improvements and work to see if we can make use of those improvements. These include BlueBeach CCK forms, Showcase contest views, MiniPanels, Image rotation on the home page etc. Some of these are improvements we want to see available for Drupal 6 version of BlueBeach.

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