Site Audits

This group focuses on best known practices for site audits and rescue projects, and provides a forum for comparing notes as these practices change and evolve.

What's different about this group? (?) To discuss best known practices around specific areas of Drupal, such as contrib development and security, we offer you this fine list of links:

The Site Audits group exists alongside those, but is a resource for discussing and performing all kinds of audits, including maintainability, security, usability, content, SEO, performance, and so on.

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Drupalcamp Connecticut 2015

Who is going to make it for Drupalcamp Connecticut which is happening this Saturday? Still accepting registration.

I am presenting a session on site audit process for Drupal sites

Regional Director
Drupal is Big, we are big on Drupal.

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SGV Drupal Meetup at the Hilton Pasadena on October 17, 2013: Announcing GLADCamp, Introducing BackDrop & How to Perform Site Audits

2013-10-17 18:00 - 20:00 America/Los_Angeles
Event type: 
User group meeting

We have a great meetup this month in the San Gabriel Valley. Join us from 6-8pm at the Hilton Pasadena on Thursday, October 17, 2013, for Drupal news and announcements, local job announcements, raffle prizes, community Q&A, lightning talks and full-length presentations.

Presentations at this event include How to Perform Site Audits; Introducing BackDrop, a Drupal fork; and Announcing GLADCamp, the Greater Los Angeles Drupal Camp.

Are you new to Drupal or the SGV Drupal meetup? Here's a testimonial from a happy attendee:

This is a very well organized and informative session. We got a good mix of senior developers and new comers and some in between. It is a pretty good turn out with 11 people considering it is in Pasadena right around rush hours. People are just terrific, very friendly and ready to help others. Feels like I have moved forward by leaps and bounds. Thanks everyone!

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"Performing Drupal site audits" blog post

Hi all, there's a great blog post by Codi Lechasseur at Fuse about performing site audits that I thought everyone here would like to know about:

The post mentions a handful of helpful modules when performing site audits, with descriptions of each one:

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Long Term Support (LTS) BoF at DrupalCon Portland

2013-05-22 12:00 - 14:00 America/Los_Angeles
Event type: 
User group meeting

Exaltation of Larks is hosting a BoF (birds of a feather) discussion on long-term Drupal support (particularly for Drupal 6 sites when Drupal 8 comes out and bug fixes and security releases for Drupal 6 are discontinued).

Long Term Support is a topic that is near and dear to us and a number of our clients and this BoF is a followup to our earlier post, Drupal 6 End of Life When Drupal 8 is Released… Or Not.

We're also preparing an "LTS" version of Drupal 6 and have a lot more planned. Stay tuned to the DrupalCon BoF schedule and @LarksLA on Twitter for news of when this BoF gets scheduled.

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Types of Site Audits for Drupal Websites

This is a list of the types of site audits that can be performed on Drupal sites.

This document is a work in progress. Ways to help improve it include adding new categories, updating existing items with examples and adding links to presentations and case studies.

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Drupal 6 end of life when Drupal 8 is released… or not?

At the Boston Drupal meetup that was at Acquia this month, several presentations were focused on "what's new in Drupal 8" from the view of several people who now work at Acquia. I loved it. There were other presentations, as well (including one of my own!), and I really enjoyed seeing the Boston Drupal group again after many months.

During the questions and answers part of the meetup, I asked Dries if he was considering naming a security maintainer for Drupal 6 when Drupal 8 is released. (In case you didn't know, support for Drupal 6 will be discontinued by the Drupal core and security teams. See the handbook page on backwards compatibility at for more, including Dries' original statement on the subject in 2006.)

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If you're still managing Drupal 6 sites when Drupal 8 is released, what will help you out the most with keeping them running?

I just need more time before Drupal 8 is released (and Drupal 6 is discontinued) to upgrade my Drupal 6 sites
21% (7 votes)
I don't plan to upgrade to Drupal 7 or Drupal 8 and need better tools for maintaining and monitoring Drupal 6 sites
33% (11 votes)
I need reputable companies or individuals to pass these Drupal 6 sites off to
6% (2 votes)
I need a dedicated Drupal 6 security maintainer even after Drupal 8 is released
27% (9 votes)
Other (leave a comment below if none of the above fit, or if 2 or more do fit)
12% (4 votes)
Total votes: 33

Drupal rescue project checklist

This wiki page is intended to be a list of best practices for recovering a project that is unknown (asin a new developer to a project) or has been built ignoring Drupal best practices.

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