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In this situation, we're mainly focusing on individuals who are either
a) Actively seeking guidance for learning. or...
b) Seeking some form of direct recognition for prior learning (RPL), or who are wondering how they can get assessed as to their level.

This doesn't assume all Drupal users and developers even want this. People could opt out entirely from the service.

Day-job Dale

Dale is new to web development. He has a day job but he loves to play in his mariachi band, which is amassing a following. They want to build a site for people to book them in for party gigs. He has heard about Drupal, and goes to the site and finds introductory site building tutorials. He is able to find useful screencasts relevant to his learning track on, on Yadadrop and other aggregators so he can quickly get the basics down. He has his site up and running soon. He keeps subscribed to the updates for site builders so he can keep track of new tutorial content relevant to him, and gets notified when there's a relevant Drupal Dojo session happening.

Project Manager Paula

Company moves from a legacy system to Drupal. Paula is an internal project manager and a participant in a cross-functional team to advise on revisions to functionality of the site. Paula needs to understand the basics of how Drupal works to speak with the developers on the team. Paula takes a self-paced commercial "Drupal for project managers" course online, which provides an online quiz. When Paula completes the course, a certificate is generated and sent via email to pass onto an employer. Next a verified ID is created in the central badge system. Paula logs into and claims the "Project manager" badge to display on her profile page.

Site Builder Sam

Sam has been learning site building in his spare time through practice and reading a few popular Drupal books and following along with a variety of free tutorials. Mostly Sam has worked for others on projects, and Sam isn't a great designer, but knows quite a bit about configuring Drupal. Sam joins a community mentoring project and participates in a collaborative project to improve a section of The initiative mentor grants Sam a badge for participating and writes Sam a recommendation. This helps Sam get enough experience so he can look for a job.

Developer Dawn

Dawn has built a good reputation for module development, though has recently wanted to move into consulting. Dawn has completed a series of courses on Site Auditing, including performance, security and others. Dawn takes a performance based exam where given a series of altered websites- troubleshoots tackles problems in a limited set of time. Dawn completes and receives a Site Auditor certificate to print out and pass to an employer, and also to claim on the profile.


- Comes to to view the profile of potential provider or employee. Can see initiatives involved in, projects maintained, numbers and quality of badges acquired.
- Visits provider page to see those who has site building skills in their local area.

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