IRC meeting: Skill sets and open curriculum

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Join the upcoming IRC meeting! Follow discussions here on g.d.o, on IRC at #drupal-skillmap, or on Twitter with the tag #drupalskillmap!

The skill set map is coming together pretty nicely, and it is time to widen our perspective. Where do we want to go now?

At this meeting we will discuss the following:

  • How do we need to improve the existing skill set map?
    - We need more descriptions of skill sets!
    - The mobile/web services skill set needs more love.
    - Fewer top-level skill sets are probably useful.
  • How can we make the skill sets practiaclly useful?
    - A tagging system + web-wide search system would be awesome.
  • Any other questions/tasks we think should have priority?
    - Describing roles?

Feel free to add any more topics or thoughts as comments here!

Time: Monday November 7th, 2 PM London time (see this page for time conversion) (voting was done at this Doodle voting)
Place: The IRC room #drupal-skillmap

Extra reading for the interested: Roadmap, some thoughts about where to go now


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I did some updates to the skill set diagram, which also includes making the skill set "automated testing and continouos integration" a Drupal-specific skill set. This makes sense to me, since doing automated testing requires quite a bit of Drupal-specific knowledge.

I'll mention this at the meeting, to let people have a say.

Looking forward to it,

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Looking forward to it, thanks, Johan!

Some notes

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These notes were made after an ad-hoc meeting, Friday afternoon:

1) The skill sets are now at a state that makes them usable. We also want to make them useful.
2) We want people to be able to mark resources on the web with terms, and then they can be found using SPARQL.
3) We need the skill sets, and probably their descriptions, to be versionable. "This course fits in with V2.x of mobile web."
4) We have determined that we will need to get subject matter experts to advise on building out/describing key areas like mobile development. We have also determined(?) that we don't need to wait for this to make other skill sets useful.
5) We have determined that we could make WOW-like skill sheets, for describing your own skills as well as skills for roles you want to hire (or so).


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0) Attendees:

Lin Clark

6) I think the scenario we discussed might help too.

"A rough sketch of a scenario could see a learner indicating that they are interested in specific skill sets, or picking an entire "role" which pre-selects certain skill sets for them. The participating publishers would markup their data using microdata/RDFa. The required tool would then pull in related recent camp presentations, new training opportunities, blog posts, etc- slurped in, and suggested to the learner. "

7) Lin Clark is working with the documentation team on something similar. We seem to be slightly further along. Lin is going to help us build a proof of concept.

8) We need to find publishers to join on a pilot/proof-of-concept. We can develop the skill sets iteratively, working through the feedback we will get through an early implementation.

Transcript from meeting

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The meeting log is posted here:

Summary will be posted here soon. (But perhaps not this evening.)

Meeting summary

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  • We'll continue to work with describing the skill sets, engaging as many as possible. Heather and Falk will be writing stubs for whatever is left after the weekend or so.
  • Using microdata/RDFa for doing "global" searches for learning/training material is priority. We have some people interested in adding markup to resources during a prototyping phase (at least Heather and Falk), and when we are stable it will hopefully be so easy to add markup that people will want to do it just to get the increased attention.
  • A tricky problem of the tags for markup is that we want them to be versionable: If we at a future point decide that "basic site building" no longer contains Views, and make Views a skill set of its own, we should be able to handle this with versioned tags.
  • The "mobile and web services" skill set has at last been investigated more! It is now three skill sets, one coding-ish (Web services and native mobile apps) and two theming-ish (Responsive web design and HTML5 web apps). Also, "front-end engineering" is now called "front end development". List and diagram updated.
  • The work with describing roles will go on.

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