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Microcaching with SSL session caching

we are developing a e-commerce site using D7, Commerce module, PHP-FPM, APC, MySQL, InnoDB, Memcached, Nginx, SSL. Our Dedicated server has Intel i5 2.5GHz 4 Cores, FreeBSD, 16 GB RAM, 120 GB SSD.

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FreeBSD difficult?

Are there any obvious problems when thinking about attempting to deploy a BOA instance on FreeBSD.

I realize there will be need to be paths changed and dealing with the package management. I'm curious if anyone has tried this or sees any other issues I should consider.

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Building a Station Module Archive server with FreeBSD

After accidentally deleting half the OS and database for the KPSU archive server, I've been documenting the process of setting up station archive server under FreeBSD. So far, I've written up configuring the recording and encoding of audio from the soundcard with darkice, streaming the audio with icecast2, installing MySQL, Apache, and Drupal. Now I'm working on documenting the setup of StreamRipper and the station archive module.

If you're interested, take a look at:

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