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Microcaching with SSL session caching

we are developing a e-commerce site using D7, Commerce module, PHP-FPM, APC, MySQL, InnoDB, Memcached, Nginx, SSL. Our Dedicated server has Intel i5 2.5GHz 4 Cores, FreeBSD, 16 GB RAM, 120 GB SSD.

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Drupal Developer | MegaGames Entertainment Inc.

Employment type: 
Part time

We are currently looking for an experienced Drupal developer (Drupal 7, with experience with Drupal 6). This is a part time position with the flexibility to telecommute.


  • Experience working on large Drupal sites with millions of unique visitors per month.
  • Extensive PHP experience
  • Module customization & theming experience
  • Nginx, MySQL, MariaDB & PHP-FPM experience

  • Experience with Ruby is a plus

Please contract with your resume and sample work.

  • No agencies please *
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Need some help with PHP-FPM optimization

I need some help with PHP-FPM optimization for 4 core (8 with HT) server with 16GB.

Because some times I get "The connection was reset" with the heavy scripts (for example modules updates check).

My php-fpm.conf:
; FPM Configuration ;

; All relative paths in this configuration file are relative to PHP's install
; prefix (/usr). This prefix can be dynamicaly changed by using the
; '-p' argument from the command line.

; Include one or more files. If glob(3) exists, it is used to include a bunch of

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nginx: The page you are looking for is temporarily unavailable

I am using nginx, with php-fm. I am using webform module. when I try to add components to a webform nginx redirects to this page:

The page you are looking for is temporarily unavailable.
Please try again later.

nginx error log:

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My first Nginx + php-fpm + percona stab at getting it set up on ubuntu 10.04

I wanted to start this thread to give anyone wanting to quickly get up and running to play around with nginx and such.. below is my first stab at sorta a howto, I used some info from other sites and next step is getting all the drupal things working like I want clean urls, imagecache, upload progress.

Note, this setup is very new to me coming from LAMP so please if you use these instructions use them only for testing out this setup.

Edited: Jan 25, 2012

My Current DB Choice, Percona

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Some Drupal Nginx Help Please


I am setting up a new server to move some of my drupal sites to. I'm trying to switch everything over to nginx, php-fpm, etc. I have everything setup and have used perusio's scripts extensively. I can see the php-fpm status pages, I can reach the domain - in this case - but I cannot get any actual drupal pages to show up... What I see in the error logs are endless entries such as:

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Barracuda Aegir with Nginx Edition 0.4-HEAD-A12.D (Lucid, Karmic and Lenny compatible)

UPDATE: Barracuda and Octopus new home is on d.o, plus there is BOA group:

UPDATE: After introducing dual-core Barracuda/Octopus Aegir Installer, this thread is continued also here:

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PHP FastCGI with Nginx? The answer: PHP-FPM server

Do you still use spawn-fcgi with Nginx? It's time to consider PHP-FPM.

PHP in the form in which it is available from has a number of well-known issues associated with the use of the FastCGI SAPI in production. See this comparison chart of problems and how php-fpm handles them, when enabled with the FastCGI SAPI.

Features available only in PHP-FPM:

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