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Web Developer | Journal Communications

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

Journal Communications is looking for an experienced Web developer to join our in-house Digital team. If you’re committed to delivering pitch-perfect Drupal code, are a whiz with MySql and GitHub, then this may be a great place to hang your hat.

Journal Communications is an integrated media company that creates immersive content experiences for audiences in the community, economic development, travel and agriculture sectors. We offer excellent benefits, a casual work environment and schedule flexibility.


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Git resources

HI everybody!

I kept forgetting to post those resources that I told Meredith that I would. So here they are.

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Customer Success Engineer @ Pantheon | Pantheon

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

The Company:
Pantheon is a fast moving start-up based in San Francisco's Chinatown district. Pantheon is making it radically easier for organizations to develop and manage their websites on one platform. Pantheon makes building websites simple and fast for brands of all sizes.

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Web Developer-Designer | xTuple

Employment type: 
Full time

Web Developer-Designer

Job Summary:

The full-time, non-contracted staff position involves heavy Drupal module development, theme creation and implementation as well as adherence to Drupal coding standards. xTuple’s database is tightly integrated with the Drupal database, so duties involve making sure the two systems continue to talk to each other. Current code is D6 with planned migration to D7 or 8 within a year. Please no inquiries from outsourced programming shops. All product development is performed by direct xTuple staff, trained xTuple partners and customers, or members of our open source community.


  • 2+ years of Drupal programming experience
  • Communicate and coordinate with marketing team, including in-house graphic designer
  • Maintain user-focused blogs/websites, including e-commerce
  • Perform updates to social media
  • Experience working in and customizing PHP-based CMS - particularly Drupal and WordPress
  • Manage xTuple's Google Domain, Analytics, and Docs
  • Ability to manage tasks and workflow to meet deadlines
  • Excellent communication skills and easily adaptable to evolving priorities
  • Strong attention to detail/project management skills
  • Work on Mac optional (xTuple is cross-platform and runs natively on Windows, Mac, Linux, mobile)
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Free Git and Github Ciurse for Beginners on Facebook...

Hi All,

There is a free Git and GitHub course on Facebook... check this out... Satish Talim is a great teacher and conducts free courses on Ruby and related technologies... this time he is offering a beginners course on Git and GitHub... for those who are interested the link is

Happy Learning...

Feel free to share.... it starts on Aug 28th...

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❝ ❀ ❀ ❀ ➨ github | Drupal 7 | Ubercart 3 ❞ | City Guest

Employment type: 

General Requirements:

• Proficiency in PHP and Javascript, preferably jQuery
• Experience with Drupal, preferably Drupal 7
• Familiarity with Context, Features and other Drupal site-building modules
• Experience with version control, especially Git
• Familiarity with Apache, Nginx, Linux, MySQL
• Knowledge of web standards, including HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML
• Creativity, initiative, follow-through, meticulous attention to detail
and impeccable organizational skills
• Ability to work independently, communicate well, and present yourself

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STOP SOPA and PIPA with Pirate Talk Drupal Module

Continue yer scurvy #stopsopa protest by translating your Drupal site into Pirate Talk customized for th' wretch'd 99%

My 'first' public Drupal module? Actually it's just forked from the original Pirate Talk module created by Richard Eriksson:

(original text Pirated from )

What Is that scurvey SOPA treaty? The sharks will eat well tonight! Get me spyglass, I'll warrant ye!

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Como mostrar código gist en nodo de drupal

A continuación muestro los pasos de como lograr esta tarea :

-Crear nuevo gist ejemplo:

-Instalar módulo de Drupal "Gist Input Filter":

-Configurar Módulo:
--Según sea el caso admin/config/content/formats/plain_text ó admin/config/content/formats/full_html
--Seleccionar opción de "Gist filter (Github Gists)"

-Agregarlo al nodo:
Insertar codigo [gist:###] donde ### es el número de tu gist asignado en

Para ver enlace e entrada de blog

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Collaboration on GitHub

I've created an Organization on github for our projects that we would like to work on with each other. It can be found here: ... please comment with your github username so I can add you as a member of the organization.

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Presentation on managing Drupal projects with Git and GitHub

I just thought I post a little information about a presentation I am going to be giving at the October meetup. At the last meetup, I was asked if I would mind giving a presentation on the use of GitHub in managing Drupal projects. We have pretty much switched all of our development versioning to Git at, because it has shown to have significant benefits in our own development processes.

Git makes it easier for us because:

  1. It allows us to better collaboratively develop our software while minimizing the impact of code conflicts.
  2. Allows us to easily track what we have developed.
  3. Branching and merging of repositories is a breeze.
  4. It is very easy to turn any directory tree into a Git repository.
  5. Git submodules are perfect for Drupal development.

We have learned a lot of really cool methods for managing software projects using Git and GitHub, so we figured that we would share some of what we have learned in our journey so far. Although, I have a rough outline of what I want to talk about during this presentation, I am open to hearing your suggestions, after all I'm not presenting to myself.

So what I am thinking so far? ...

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