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Drupal as a DITA CCMS, the Drupal way

At Drupalcamp Cluj in Romania I got really excited again about the possibility for building a CCMS (component content management system) in Drupal.

Ages ago when we did our first experiments with DITA in Drupal this was our goal. We did a prototype for a tool that was able to do single pass transformations of topics, allowed you to manage DITA maps in a mindmap and that had a form for creating DITA topics.

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Proposal for a module to build a flexible node body using text and media/assets

Hi guys, I've got an idea for a module and would like to put it to the community before I start work on it. The sort of feedback I'm after is:

  • How useful it would be
  • Are there are any existing modules I could use instead to avoid duplicating efforts.
  • Would it would be easier to help extend an existing module?
  • Potential pitfalls
  • Whether or not the idea is crazy, hence why it hasn't been implemented before.

Please correct me if any of the assumptions I have made are incorrect.

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Unifying D6 Asset Management and Looking Forward to D7

I am immensely interested in getting a rock-solid asset management system in place for Drupal 6, and my company is willing to pay for the work involved (my time spent). The purpose of this discussion is to 1) make sure that my assessment of the situation is accurate / common and 2) to make sure that whatever I come up with will be relatively forward-compatible with D7.

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The future of the asset module

I've been doing some thinking about the future of the asset module. First of all, I'm completely dedicated to bringing it to Drupal 6 and beyond. What is not sure however is in which form it will move forward. With the improved hook_form and specifically with filefield and emfield tying into the youtube api, flvmediaplayer, the new media player et al, I certainly don't want to duplicate efforts. The asset module itself is quite a big project and maintaining it requires a lot of my time.

That's why I've been thinking lately of stripping the asset module down to the asset wizard: leaving the uploading of files to the *field modules (having the admin decide which modules he prefers and what type of files he needs) and managing them with the asset wizard. The asset wizard could be taken so much further if it could get all the attention it deserves. One thing I could use help on is the interface from a usability perspective: both on the asset wizard itself and on how to tie it in the different fields (filefield, emfield, ...) and editors (TinyMCE, WYSIWYG, ...). Everything is welcome: from concepts and wireframes to mock-ups and patches.

How do you want to handle the files and embedded media that have been already been imported by media mover, uploaded by filefield or integrated by emfield?

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