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Project Manager / Consultant | Quevin, LLC

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Quevin—the business—stands for a system of web production methodologies and iterative development interactions to help ensure the success of complex website projects. Quevin, LLC isn't a large company, although it has produced like one since 2007. And now it needs some PM help!

Must be an experienced Project Manager and/or Virtual Assistant with some Drupal or CMS (content management system) experience. You should be familiar with many other web technologies like XHTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, and more.

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Estudo de caso - clone do Basecamp

Quando vemos muitos tutoriais, artigos, etc, ficamos felizes com a idéia do "é bem documentado". A documentação é fundamental, mas em casos como o Drupal, a grande sacada é o "mão na massa", porque os módulos estão ai, todos prontos, uma enorme caixa de Lego, aonde o que vai fazer a diferença é justamente sabermos como encaixar cada peça, aonde mexer, como ajustar, etc. Com isso, nada melhor do que um estudo de caso, aonde vemos a situação a ser resolvida, botamos a faca nos dentes e partimos para cima!

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First off, I just joined this group and I'd have to say it's a damn good idea and needed.

I know a lot of people in the community use 37 Signals' Basecamp for their projects and for myself, one thing that has been extremely annoying is the fact that you can never have a central place to go to that aggregates all of your to do list items or milestones from all projects to the same place.

I'm talking even in situations where your client is the one that owns the Basecamp account so then you have to login to theirs.

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