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Private video syndication

I'm quite interested in building a Drupal site that could aggregate video from a channel on a given 3rd party site such as youtube, vimeo,, etc. and display it on the site. I'm sure that there is a module to do this. My difficulty, however, lies with the fact that the site and all content on the site will be password-protected, and this includes any videos on it.

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Feed API + Emfield Recipe Screencast

The blog post on Drupaltherapy
Hosted on Blip

Here is a quick recipe that uses Drupal's Feed API, Feed Element Mapper, CCK and the Embedded Media Field to create independent embedded video nodes on your Drupal site by RSS. This is my first screencast and first contribution to the Drupal Dojo, I followed the specs on the other discussions as best I could, consider adding this to the Dojo video pool.

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