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Creacion de Mediateca

Hola a todos, estoy por generar una Mediateca en la cual se puedan subir Videos, Imágenes y Audios algo similar a pero con Drupal. Con canales de video, audio y galerías de imágenes.
Estaba pensando en usar drupal 7 por la disponibilidad de modulos, ¿que opinan?
¿Conocen algunos módulos con los que crean que pueda logar esta mediateca?


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Projects, shows, members and VODs

We're thinking about the best way to use shows, projects and VODs and the workflow around them. Currently only organizations can be members, although we also air shows by individuals or other organizations that are not members. However, we're moving towards a freemium model where it will be free to broadcast ready-made content, but other services will cost, which makes it easier for anyone to broadcast good content.

Members -> Series -> Shows

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Videos de Youtube con CCK

Hola, uso el módulo:
Media: Youtube (
que depende de:
Embedded Media Field (

En mi sitio de Drupal 6.
Mi objetivo es tener un campo cck donde el usuario pueda añadir un enlace de youtube, por eso uso este módulo. Sin embargo no funciona correctamente. Hay que editar el nodo una vez ha sido creado, para volver añadir la dirección de youtube...

Me cuesta creer que no haya un módulo para este fin que funcione correctamente en Drupal 6.

¿Me recomiendan algún otro?

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A record label website example


we've just launched this - thought it might be of interest to you guys. If you've got questions let me know.

The theme is build on zen. all the contextual stuff are done via node references and we've built a custom soundcloud player.

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Drupal 7.x Embed Video

Merhaba, uzun zamandır Drupal kullanmaktayım. Drupal 6.x ile yapılmış video sitem var. Emfield eklentisini kullanarak Youtube'dan video eklemekteyim. Drupal 7.x ile siteyi baştan kurmak istiyorum. Yalniz Drupal 6.x de olduğu gibi 7.x de Youtube videolarını ekleyemedim.

  • File entity
  • Media
  • Media Internet Sources
  • Embedded Media Field
  • Media: YouTube
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Can Drupal Do This??

I am very new to Drupal and been searching some features which i need to be on my site.

1- I have my own database on my site which is mini Apps , its about Indoor sports where i have players,tournaments,matches , i have this site up and running , Now when i came know to Drupal , i am willing to make a site on Drupal , but i am worried how i am gonna show all my existing data in Drupal ,. in SHORT is there any modules which can run my queries and display results in tables, i have also a mode which compares all players performance using information in my data base.

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Developer for site redesign | G-dcast

Employment type: 
Not allowed

The animation site is looking for a Drupal themer/developer. The site is about to redesign and will require reworking by a themer who is also comfortable working on module development. Though the site is not primarily a commerce site, there is also an Ubercart instance running, so the developer will need to have Ubercart experience or be willing to dig in and learn fast. Familiarity with the YouTube Javascript API is a requirement. Additionally, experience with Views, Features, and Google Analytics is very welcome, as is the ability to do light database work.

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Using YouTube for web TV


When YouTube allowed for uploading of content longer than 15 minutes we decided to migrate our web TV content to YouTube. It's cheaper (free actually) than storing the flv/h264/WebM files on your own server (or Amazon S3 as we used to) and YouTube does the conversion.

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tips for a video gallery with controlled access?

Hi everyone,

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Want to se something cool with Google Maps StreetView? :-)

Try to select any toilet from København and click on the link from InfoWindow Google Maps StreetView and then you will get directly to the toiletbuilding og from here you can choose Ruteplan, send link, see other photos an so.

Then try after this to click on the link from InfoWindow "here" and you will see more info about the toilet and also a link to the same StreetView.

I used most of the weekend at making this and I think it's really cool if I'm permitted to say so. :-)

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