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Contributed module to embed Tv3 videos with Embedded Media Field

Hello everybody,
I've just created a module to embed videos from TV3 catalan public television using Embedded Media Field (emvideo). The web of this television is at http://www.tv3.cat .

I think I need your votes to be able to upload this module. If I need to do anything else, tell me, please.

See you soon!!

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Embedded Media Field

I've at first attempted use of the Feeds API along with the Embedded Media Field module to create the feeds I needed, but then I discovered that support was essentially being dropped in favor the Feeds Module.

It seems a lot less intuitive now to do the same thing, particularly after following the tutorial for the previous module at http://www.zivtech.com/blog/module-mashup-creating-a-feed-embedded-video...

Has anyone successfully used the Embedded Media Field along with the Feeds Module to pull in YouTube and Flickr feeds.

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Need some help

I am having a real tough time trying to import rss images over into individual nodes..I CAN do video and kudos to

for some great tutorials..I have tried several suggestions outlined in

My source is the following http://www.u2start.com/rss/photos/

I have even tried the new feedapi scraper-but I do not know how to set that up.

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CCK Module Developer | Embedded Media Field

Employment type: 

I'm looking for someone to develop a feature for the CCK based Embedded Media Field module for Drupal 6. I've already posted an issue for this ONE field for Video, Images, Audio (Unified Media Field).

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The future of the asset module

I've been doing some thinking about the future of the asset module. First of all, I'm completely dedicated to bringing it to Drupal 6 and beyond. What is not sure however is in which form it will move forward. With the improved hook_form and specifically with filefield and emfield tying into the youtube api, flvmediaplayer, the new media player et al, I certainly don't want to duplicate efforts. The asset module itself is quite a big project and maintaining it requires a lot of my time.

That's why I've been thinking lately of stripping the asset module down to the asset wizard: leaving the uploading of files to the *field modules (having the admin decide which modules he prefers and what type of files he needs) and managing them with the asset wizard. The asset wizard could be taken so much further if it could get all the attention it deserves. One thing I could use help on is the interface from a usability perspective: both on the asset wizard itself and on how to tie it in the different fields (filefield, emfield, ...) and editors (TinyMCE, WYSIWYG, ...). Everything is welcome: from concepts and wireframes to mock-ups and patches.

How do you want to handle the files and embedded media that have been already been imported by media mover, uploaded by filefield or integrated by emfield?

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Feed API + Emfield Recipe Screencast

The blog post on Drupaltherapy
Hosted on Blip

Here is a quick recipe that uses Drupal's Feed API, Feed Element Mapper, CCK and the Embedded Media Field to create independent embedded video nodes on your Drupal site by RSS. This is my first screencast and first contribution to the Drupal Dojo, I followed the specs on the other discussions as best I could, consider adding this to the Dojo video pool.

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Gallery2 CCK-field with Embedded-Media-Field


I wounder if someone has already ported the Embedded-Media-Field to Gallery2?

Background information:
The emfield is a cck-field to integrate media types like images from providers like Picasa, Flickr, ..
or videos from youtube, myspace, ..
There are two integration types: as reference or import.

The emfield provides an API to embed further providers

My Idea:
Interprete Gallery2 as provider.
After porting the emfield to Gallery2 it should be possible to reference the images and thumbs
from the local installed gallery.

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