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Backend Developer | Might & Main

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Might & Main, a design firm located in Portland, Maine has an immediate need for a Drupal backend developer.

This contract position involves use of Drupal 7 APIs to create a system to transfer XML data via SFTP and must be completed by November 10, 2012

In particular, we'll need you to:



  • Create a system to ingest XML files provided by a third party data service provider via SFTP ensuring no duplication of records
  • XML data will be stored in a MySQL database using Drupal's Entity API
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    Clogged up by the OM_Airing Feed

    This morning I noticed that my site when accessed through http was slow to crawl. Couldn't get in or do anything.

    When I finally got in and took a look at the Drupal Reports there was an Error related to the refactored feed from our Telvue:

    Message simplexml_load_file(): in /var/www/dev.eastoncat.org/sites/all/modules/om_airing/modules/om_airing_feed/om_airing_feed.module on line 59.

    We must have hundreds and hundreds of these messages in a very short period of time last night.

    Is this slowing my site performance to a crawl?

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    Drupal web-site support | Webcons

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    Currently we have a Drupal web-site and need to do a couple of updates.
    1. Update of faceted search (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faceted_search)
    Because standard drupal faceted search is VERY slow with huge amount of data (> 1m db entries) we have to move to Apache Solr
    http://drupal.org/project/apachesolr (Which is already installed and running). So now we need to implement faceted search with Solr, which requires to adding data as taxonomy terms.
    So we need a script, which will add taxonomy terms to existing data. And also additional setup of Solr search results.

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    Need some help

    I am having a real tough time trying to import rss images over into individual nodes..I CAN do video and kudos to

    for some great tutorials..I have tried several suggestions outlined in

    My source is the following http://www.u2start.com/rss/photos/

    I have even tried the new feedapi scraper-but I do not know how to set that up.

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    Styling and Theming Aggregated Feeds

    I'm working on a project that involves refactoring a content site while upgrading from Drupal 4.x to 5.x. One of the pieces I thought would be somewhat easy—displaying recent posts from blog feeds—has turned into a roadblock.

    The desired outcome is to have the latest post from each of several external (i.e., non-Drupal) blogs show up such that the title of the blog links to the blog and the title of the post links to the post.

    Let me describe where we started, what we tried, and where we wound up.

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    Feed API + Emfield Recipe Screencast

    The blog post on Drupaltherapy
    Hosted on Blip

    Here is a quick recipe that uses Drupal's Feed API, Feed Element Mapper, CCK and the Embedded Media Field to create independent embedded video nodes on your Drupal site by RSS. This is my first screencast and first contribution to the Drupal Dojo, I followed the specs on the other discussions as best I could, consider adding this to the Dojo video pool.

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    Drupal's integration with new Youtube API to have a video portal profile

    [ Abstract ]

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