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Take a simple question from here: What could the Blockchain mean for a CMS like Drupal?

Dries Buytaert creator of Drupal raised a simple, yet extensive question on twitter (‘@Dries’):
“What could the Blockchain mean for a CMS like Drupal? #brainstorm”

Let us brainstorm indeed.

As a Drupal - and blockchain insider, I analysed this question step by step. And came to a surprising conclusion: it is much more interesting for Drupal to change the question.

The whole blog post is here:

Let me know your thoughts. Henk

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AdBlock to Bitcoin tool to Monetize Traffic

Bitcoin offers the potential for revenue streams outside the traditional advertising models.

Longer term I can see having the "heft" to setup a bitcoin-based paid content model with associated services. However, in the here and now there's a quick-and-dirty tool which will ask those with AdBlock to donate to your site with bitcoins.

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Blog post: Bitcoin transaction forwarding

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Crypto-based user points (rewards)

One thing I'm interested in is integrating crypto tokens into a Drupal "user rewards" system. If you're familiar with the site/podcast "Let's Talk Bitcoin" they've developed their own user rewards token called LTBCoin. At the moment, I think it's based on CounterParty.

LTB seems to have open-sourced their CMS code which is PHP-based.

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Build a Drupal based Crypto-Coin Exchange

Maybe it's a bad idea? Maybe it can't be done without massive customization? IDK... Curious to hear some discussion around the topic though. Curious to talk to anyone interested in taking a swing at it.

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warning on uc_bitcoin.module on line 139

I get this error at checkout:
warning: strstr() [function.strstr]: Empty delimiter in /var/www/html/drupal-6.24/modules/uc_bitcoin.module on line 139.
I am using drupal version 6.24
line 139 of uc_bitcoin.modules is the following:
if ($message['id'] == 'uc_order_action-mail' && !strstr(uc_store_email_from(), $message['to'])) {

I do get at checkout a bitcoin address where to send the coin, but the problem is that the digital download file becomes available immediately after checkout, so if the buyer does not send the bitcoins he can still download the file without payment.

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drupal + bitcoin + ubercart + uc_custom_price [current BTC value]

hello again all,

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uc_bitcoin and, error - any suggestions?

hello all,

I am attempting to get uc_bitcoin to work with drupal (6.20 -- havent fully updated to 6.22 just yet). I have configured ubercart just as specified @ - yet I get an error everytime cron runs =>

warning: include_once( [function.include-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in [...]/html/sites/all/modules/uc_bitcoin/uc_bitcoin.module on line 250.

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