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[d8] Features y borrado de campos

Buenas tardes, una duda a ver si voy a proceder bien.

Estoy desarrollando una web en d8 con features para exportar las configuraciones, mi duda es, voy a borrar unos campos de nodo que ya no serán necesarios,¿ aparte de sacarlos de la feature tengo que usar un hook_update_n y borrarlos de la bbdd o el sistema ya entiende que al no encontrarlos los tiene que borrar?



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Small help/guidance on working with features

I am i the need/will to start using features on my general development practice. This was long due and I found a nice project to really start using it but although I think I already learnt most of it, I am having some issues understanding or knowing what's the best way of working with them.

Because panopoly uses features extensively, I thought this might be a nice group to look for some specific guidance on how to achieve certain things.

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Would you, as a Feature/Distro developer agree to a standardized feature creation process?

60% (3 votes)
0% (0 votes)
40% (2 votes)
Total votes: 5
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Should distro based features be compatible with other distro features?

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Looking for info about setting up a Features Server, finding a lot of dead links

  • At http://groups.drupal.org/node/50278 the link to mig5 Feature Server Installation Profile profile is broken http://community.featureservers.org/project/feature-server-install-profile
  • The link is also broken on the mig5 site "So I wrote an install profile" http://features.mig5.net/project/featureserver
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    Seeking Drupal Contractor

    The VTA seeks to work with a firm or individual to transition its website to a new hosting service. The firm should provide full description of available hosting services and pricing for a one year and three year contract.
    The priority in identifying a new website host and maintenance firm is to develop additional affordable features on the VTA website and to take in recommendations on updating the look of the site.

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