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New UX and UI for Drupal Ladder

Hi, I would like to revamp the user experience and the interface for Drupal Ladder.
Stumbled upon an issue created a few years ago, is dormant at the moment(https://www.drupal.org/node/1504476). can someone help me with the status, as well as the migration status for D8.

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OpenAid 2.0 full release now available

Hi All,

I'm excited to announce that we have our first full release of OpenAid 2.0 available. Read on for more information.

If you end up using OpenAid 2.0, let us know! We love hearing about how it is being used by others. Also, any feedback or questions can be directed either to the issue queue or openaid@atendesigngroup.com

Here's the announcement blog post with more details.

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Licensing a Drupal distro to accomodate multiple component licenses

Over the last several years we have built a fairly sophisticated internal Drupal distro we sell to clients as our secrete sauce. We have had several agencies inquire about us selling or licensing it to them. I am trying to figure out the best / proper way to do this.

I have spent a lot of time researching this on d.o. and other sites. I may be more confused now that when I started ;-).

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Which feature based conflicts could be solved by standards or naming conventions?

What kind of standards is needed to make features as compatible as possible:
- module based
- naming conventions
- ???

The usual suspects:
- Strongarm
- Roles
- Permissions
- Text Format
- Content Types
- Taxonomy

Related content
Roles Conflicts comparison :Harmonize app/distro/feature role names
Distro Based Conflict Comparison:Commons 7.x
Related Discussion: Should distro based features be compatible with other distro features?

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Should distro based features be compatible with other distro features?

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Do MFI Organization have a need for open source usable back-office solution based on Drupal?

0% (0 votes)
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Total votes: 0
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Add wish

Lets add our feature wish here and discuss about it.

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Does any documentation for OpenPublish exist?? (beyond installation)

I'm really having a tough time working through all the intricacies of OpenPublish, and I've had a total fail on getting questions answered in this group. (still don't know how to edit a topic hub overview) Some good documentation would be EXTREMELY valuable in easing the learning process.

What's the prognosis for documentation???

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Bump: Distro and OpenPublish strategy

I'm sort of surprised that not one person responded or commented on my previous post from last week about Distro and Openpublish's upgrade strategy.


Am I the only one interested in how to upgrade OpenPublish over time?? I'm seriously considering basing an entire blog and news site on OpenPublish. It seems that long term support would be a critical issue here.......


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Need additional info on Distro and the Openpublish upgrade strategy

I was starting to learn Openpublish 1.5 and heard that waiting for 1.6 for big changes was probably a good idea, due to the inclusion of the Distro module. So I postponed development for awhile so I could start fresh with 1.6.

Can you guys explain the upgrade process in greater detail?

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