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Att koppla en customer profile till en order


Jag behöver skapa en ny order mha rules. Ordern behöver naturligtvis en customer profil på sig för att anget faktura adress. Allting skpas korrekt men profilen kopplas inte till ordern. Det är säkert något riktigt enkelt som jag förbisett men trots idogt letande på webben har jag inte funnit ngn lösning. Hur kopplas profilen med ordern?

Här är en export av en rule som jag testat med:

{ "rules_create_order_and_profile" : {
"LABEL" : "Create order and profile",
"PLUGIN" : "rule",
"OWNER" : "rules",
"REQUIRES" : [ "rules", "commerce_cart", "commerce_checkout" ],
"IF" : [

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Como acceder y actualizar varios field collections dentro contenido con VBO?

Hola, actualmente estoy realizando un pequeño sistema donde me encuentro con unas dificultades, ahora les digo de que va, cree un tipo de contenido con la siguientes características

Evento (Tipo de Contenido)
->Titulo del evento (text)
->Personajes (Field Collections, ilimitado)
--->Descripción del personaje (Text)
--->Agregar Artista (Field buttton)
--->Artistas (Field Collections, ilimitado)
----->Participante (user)
----->Estatus del Participante (Term reference)
----->Observaciones (Text)

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Rule to resave a node once a comment is published.

I'm not sure about this but I am trying to set up a rule that resaves a node whenever a comment (on that node) is published.

Is this possible?


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create rules in external text editor?


In principle I understand how to make rules within D7.
In fact rules are a bit like an event based programming language for

Is it possible to develop rules for use within drupal, but outside of drupal, e.g. using a text editor? I imagine hand-writing rules in a text file, similar to a php program and then uploading them into a running drupal instance.

Probably this also would require that uploaded rules can be edited within drupal to correct errors or change e.g. conditions.

Is this possible / supported?



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Rules and user profile fields

Im trying to build a rule that sends an e-mail when a profile field has been changed, so I have created the following rule that makes a data comparison of the fields then sends an e-mail if they have changed. The problem is that it only sends and e-mail if both fields have been changed and not one or the other, I have tried using and OR condition but this just stops the e-mail sending in any circumstance. (I have omitted the details of the e-mail)

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New conundrum

D7.21 , DCommerce 1.5, Rules 2.2, Address Field 1.0-beta3

Well I built my first module. It populates a field in Address Field with selectable NC counties. It works well, albeit my code is likely ugly (having never written a module and no real experience in coding).

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Create data values using php

I am not very competent with PHP but understand the basics and have written some code which works!
I am trying to create a component which creates new content and this requires me to set some data values.
The approach I chose was to execute some PHP code to set a data value in a component. I can not use set variable because I wish to allow the user to select from a drop down list of valid variables. The examples here are just setting the variable value
I have tried several approaches but each time the code is ignored.

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Cannot use Integer variable in Date (Set a data value)

This website is for yearly renting.

(After the website finished, the field_date_end_rent will be hidden in the node submit form. The form will be automatically filled by Rules.)
(In the Rules example, I'm using Content is viewed for event. Its for testing purposes.)

The field_date_end_rent = field_date_start_rent + field_subscription_period year

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Affecting rules on a node containing a field collection?


I am trying to create a rule that will modify the permissions (ACL) of the node containing the field collection based on a user reference field in the field collection entity..

By the looks of it I have to use "field-collection-item:host-entity:" but in the data selector is doesn't have any further options to pick up the node id or anything for the host entity..

I am sure I am probably missing something simple but can't see it..

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Scheduled Rules, User Inactivity Notification based on Field contents

Goal: to create a scheduled rule which notifies users who have not commented recently.

I've exhausted all existing rules documentation, including the full learning library at NodeOne. I would really appreciate some help.

I've included full exports of both components.

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