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Problemas con salida de correos a gmail desde formulario de registro

Buen día, hace unos días tengo un problema al momento de hacer un registro a travez del formulario de registro del sitio en drupal 8 cuando alguien se va a registrar en el sitio web accede a /user/register y completa un formulario en donde debe poner el correo electrónico y un nombre de usuario, cuando se envía el formulario, automaticamente se envían dos correos electrónicos, uno es para la persona que se esta registrando le envía un correo diciendo que se acabe de registrar en el sitio web y que debe esperar la aprobación de un administrador, el otro correo es para el administrador del sitio

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there can be only ONE! (really?)

Since I started using my Pre (not 100% gmail implementation) over my Android phone (awesome gmail implementation), I am having to rely on gmail filters a bit more. I'm overwhelmed by my g.d.o subscriptions, but I can't find a good way to channel messages into folders and pull them out of my inbox (auto-archive).

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Google Apps for Student Email Accounts?

I work at a small college and historically the students are not given an email account but can use their personal email account for "school business" The problem is that students have email addresses like ""

Does your school give out a school email address for students to use?
What platform is used to manage students emails (exchange, etc)? Specifically, does anyone have experience with using google apps as their provider? Google apps seems like a great way to go but what the disadvantages?

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New Chat Module?

I am thinking of making a chat module that would not require any external server or service to function, similar to I don't like chatroom's way of doing things so I want to develop a new module. My desired result would a be a user to user chat very similar to gmail and facebook. I am thinking of integrating in with AppBar to make development easier as per this discussion, Any suggestions or comments? Does anyone have a decent user to user chat that runs well without requiring an external service?

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I saw this about SSL secured site hacking, seems serious

Security Researcher Defends Plan To Release Gmail Hacking Tool

The software could affect many SSL-secured Web sites, including Amazon, Facebook, Gmail,, most Drupal sites, and many online merchants and banks.

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