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Yesterday I was visiting a company with performance issues. I bumped into some corporate trouble.

As I only recently joined the company, decisions were made before my time. We are making a drupal 6 site. There are many reasons for this.

It was planned like that a long time ago
We need modules that aren’t/weren’t ported yet
The client agreed to that.

There is no way of moving to drupal 7 (yet).

According to the drupal requirements page

Note that some contributed modules may not be compatible with PHP 5.3, …
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Is Image FUpload multi-image loader compatible with Open Publish ? "Page not found" when visiting ../node/add/image/list_images after images found (latest dev release installed, modules re-enabled, update.php run)

I'm wondering if there are compatibility issues with Open Publish and Image FUpload - the tool that uploads multiple images, because I get page not found when visiting ../node/add/image/list_images to go to the next stage of image uploads following doing the uploads.

I've taken the advice here, but still get the same problem of "page not found".

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Junior / Intermediate Layout Developers - Drupal Theming | Incendia Media

Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 

Junior / Intermediate Layout Developers - Drupal Theming

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Drupal 6.x. site Migration from MySQL to PostgreSQL (howto)

I'm not a MySQL fun, so some troubles with MySQL database (MyISAM data corruption and too slow InnoDB) force migration of three existing Drupal 6 sites from MySQL to PostgreSQL. Since Drupal 6.2 some PgSQL-related bugs (sample) in core modules has been fixed, so I have a try.

Drupal 6.5 and PostgreSQL 8.3 compatibility

Drupal Core Modules

I've installed clean Drupal 6.5 on top of PostgreSQL 8.3.3 (with UTF8 database encoding) and played with it a lot. There is no heavy troubles, only minor ones:

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