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Field analytics

Check out http://drupal.org/project/field_analytics for another way of analyzing on data for not only Drupal nodes, but any fieldable entity type.

As a class-based field reporting API, Field analytics makes it easy to add additional reports per field type.

There is a submodule for Highcharts included (tying with the new 7.x-2.x Highcharts API), which adds charts visualization to the default tabular reports. This submodule is a good example of how to extend Field analytics with additional reporting on field usage and data.

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Senior Drupal Developer | PlusDelta Technologies

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PlusDelta Technologies, located in RTP, NC; is a young, agile, fully funded, exciting company looking to make a difference in the world of healthcare software solutions. We are on the cutting edge of mHealth solutions focusing on the improvement of operations in hospitals, integrating a mobile platform with our robust and secure server environment.

We now have our platform and solution developed and have gained customers, and are now ready to expand our team based in the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina.

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