Field analytics

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Check out for another way of analyzing on data for not only Drupal nodes, but any fieldable entity type.

As a class-based field reporting API, Field analytics makes it easy to add additional reports per field type.

There is a submodule for Highcharts included (tying with the new 7.x-2.x Highcharts API), which adds charts visualization to the default tabular reports. This submodule is a good example of how to extend Field analytics with additional reporting on field usage and data.

I'd be interested in feedback on both Field analytics and Highcharts modules (the 7.x-2.x branch of


That sounds really

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That sounds really interesting. What kind of data does it provide? Think it could be used with Sheetnode fields?

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Reports are by field type,

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Reports are by field type, because certain reports make sense for some field types and not others (for example, an allowed values usage report only works for fields with allowed values).

Currently there is support for all core field types, and also common contrib fields (atm entityreference). There is a hook to add support for additional field types (and also alter reports for already supported field types).

I'm not familiar with Sheetnode - does it provide field types? From a quick glance at the module and submodules it doesn't seem to?


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how can i be part of this project? i would love to work with you.

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@abiyub How would you like to

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@abiyub How would you like to be involved? Personally I think this is the most interesting issue to work on Update Field analytics to Drupal 8.