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Shortcuts to var_dump and the like

Inspired by Dave's presentation last night, I stumbled upon a blog posting listing a few development shortcut functions:

* dpr – Shortcut for dprint_r.
* dvr – Similar to dpr, but uses var_dump instead of print_r.
* dpm – Similar to dpr but print_r's a variable as a message using drupal_set_message.
* dvm – Similar to dpm but uses var_dump instead of print_r.

The original posting can be found here: http://www.thingy-ma-jig.co.uk/blog/02-10-2007/hugely-useful-hugely-undo...

How to install and config Drupal 6 via CVS and SVN on hostgrown.com

Thanks to Dave for giving us the tutorial on how to use CVS and SVN with Drupal. A lot of the info here were provided by Dave during HKDUG's 2nd official meeting.

John's hostgrown.com has a security measure where files cannot have permissions above 755. This gave us a few headaches when installing Drupal as a lot of the files have 775. Here are the steps I took to install D6.

1) Install / Update from CVS

How to checkout Drupal core from CVS:


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Online: Drupal 6 Lesson On Nov 23rd: Dive Into Drupal!


Drupal Dojo is one of the groups I subscribe to, tomorrow 11am PST they're having an online tutorial session. Unfortunately, that's 3 am Monday morning for us! May be some of you are interested?

They will have screencast recordings available afterwards, so don't worry if you can't make it.

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