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User Notification Settings: change default settings and modify in bulk


I have some questions regarding space notification messages (such as Comment/New Content/Deleted/Membership in /user/$uid/settings )

Is it possible to set a global default for the selection of these notifications when any user joins any space?

Is it possible to bulk edit users' notifications preferences, perhaps on a per-space basis?

I'm guessing the first, the global default, could be pulled off with code invoking some sort of hook, but I'm at a loss to know what that might be or what settings I'd have to alter.

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Notifications for discussion replies posted via email not being sent with auto triggered cronjob.

Hi Folks,

I have a very weird issue happening on my Open Atrium instance. Again, this has to deal with notifications for discussion nodes and replies posted through MailHandler and Feeds Imports. Again, I have set this up as described in Mike Potter's blog post here:

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Webform email

I am using Drupal 7 and Webform 7x-3.17. I am having a problem with email notifications in the webform. I have setup a form and would like the responses sent to the responsible person. I enter their email address in the E-mail to address box. If I put any address in the box other than mine, the email does not send.

Can anyone help me with this?


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Getting started

I've set up this group to try to get some help fixing the Notifications module which is important for Organic groups. The issue I hope to fix in this new group doesn't seem too complicated, but I don't have a lot of experience with the innards of Drupal so I'd find it hard to do on my own. So I'm hoping for a bit of help from others.

I have several years experience setting up quite complexmulti-lingual sites & using views a lot. I know some basic php (unfortunately I know asp better - the way things were at the time), but I've never got into Drupal module code at all seriously. The languages I use are English & Spanish.

The task

Notifications does support language. When the process is run from /admin/messaging/subscriptions/queue by using "Run process" then both the language that Notifications uses for the email texts & the language negotiation of the URLs is translated. So far so good.

However, the problem is that each individual message ignores the users language and applies in the language that /admin/messaging/subscriptions/queue is using.

So the question is to insert some code into the module at the point in the process where it works on the messages for each user so that everything it does at that point is in the user's language.

I'm going to start poking about in the code to see if I can make sense of it, but if anyone can give me an early indication of what I'm looking for that would be a great help.

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Open Atrium Platform - notifications don't seem to work out of the box

First a heads up, this issue may have nothing to do with BOA but I wanted to check if anyone else was experienceing issues.

I have a site running of Atrium 1.0 P.001 on BOA and I can't seem to select Notifications. I've raised an issue with OA but there has been little response and it doesn't seem to be a common issue.

Or please see:

Emails get sent when I add people to the site so the site is sending emails fine. I just can't select people to Notify at all when I make an edit or create a node.

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Rules or Notifications?

Wise ones. I shall try to avoid causing the offence I have elsewhere through excess verbiage :-(.

Oops. Blew that one already :-).

Thanks indeed to pbarnett and WillHall, I've been able to stumble (stumbling being my own lack of competance rather than any issue with Rules) to this:

When [new comment added]
_____Where [comment author is not] [list of roles]

_____[create email to] [list of specific email addresses]
__________Containing [date stamp when comment added] [user name of comment author] and [comment body]

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Extending Custom Subscriptions with Notifications 4.x

Notifications version 6.x-4.x includes the Custom Subscriptions module. It allows for the creation of flexible event notification subscriptions, and exposes to the user a simple, no-nonsense interface for subscription management. Custom Subscriptions is also the recommended method for automatically subscribing users to notifications.

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Not receiving notifications via SMS

I am new to the SMS Gateway and using it with Twilio. I can receive SMS messages using SMS Gateway "Send to Phone" method. I am also able to receive notifications via Email. When I change the Send Method from Mail to SMS I do not get any notifications.

Any help would be appreciated.

Michael Silverman.

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Duplicate emails for group post notifications

I've been receiving duplicate notifications for posts in the same group lately. It's not every message, but it is happening frequently. The messages have identical content, but the message IDs are different when I view source.

I've been dealing with a similar issue locally, so it was kind of nice to see it happening here. Has anyone else been receiving duplicate notifications from

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Como enviar notificações "multi-taxonomies"?

Olá a todos,

Antes do mais quero apresentar-me à comunidade, o meu nome é Pedro Miguel, tenho alguns sites em português, e depois de mais de 2 anos a usar o wordpress em modo avançado (como CMS) conheci o drupal.

Ando aqui à 2 dias a tentar encontrar forma de colocar o módulo "notifications" a funcionar "multi-taxonomia".

Ou seja, eu pretendo que os meus utilizadores consigam criar notificações que incluam todos os termos seleccionados.



-Ensino superior
-Ensino secundário
-Ensino primário

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