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DrupalPicchu - Retrospective

DrupalPicchu: "celebrating the freedom and cultural diversity of the Drupal Community"

In the photo above, on the left: Victor Kane, a gentleman, British/American, currently living in Buenos Aires, Drupal pioneer in Latin America. On the right: Veronica Nerak, a young lady from Bolivia, interested in learning more about Drupal.


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imagem de nickvidal

1st International Drupal Art Exhibition

It's a great honor to announce the 1st International Drupal Art Exhibition, to be held at DrupalPicchu 2014, with the following slogan: Give Color to the Community!

With the goal of promoting the participation of the Drupal Community in the organization of DrupalPicchu, we are running a series of contests, with prizes ranging from free entrance tickets to an exclusive 'Art Exhibition Sponsor' plan and a free trip to DrupalPicchu.

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