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Are you going to DrupalSouth Auckland 16-17 Nov 2017?

Yes - I'm speaking
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Yes - I have my ticket!
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Yes - still need to get a ticket
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Maybe - still haven't decided
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No - not this eyar
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Total votes: 0
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Upcoming events or camps in India?


Is there any upcoming event or meetup on drupal in India?

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Will you be coming to #DrupalOpenDays in Dublin this year?

The countdown has begun for Drupal Opens Days in Dublin this year, have you registered to save your spot yet?

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The Drupal Ireland Association invites everyone who has an interest in Drupal or meet and learn from the best Drupal minds in Ireland.

This event bringing together developers, themers, end users and those interested in learning more about the platform. This event is open to the public - business focussed and Drupal developers both - from Ireland and abroad.

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