Members of the Users Group are encouraged to showcase examples of their work here. This can include design, implementation, modules, custom work and other details. Other group members should feel free to ask questions. By doing this, we hope to learn from our successes.

To add your work to the UDU showcase, create a new Discussion item, title it "Showcase: my_site_name", and select tag 'Showcase'.

Be sure to include the URL and add a screenshot. URLs can be entered here without HTML tags. For images, upload the image as a file attachment to your post, then include an IMG tag in the body of your item.

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Showcase: Rent or Drive Calculator

In December 2015, I launched the Rent or Drive Calculator - a custom module I developed that uses Drupal's Form API.

See Try it, and tell me what you think.

Joanne Patalano, Web Designer for A&F Administration Systems

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Showcase: UMass Amherst UMPD

Just finished the redesign of, the UMass Amherst Police Department website - launched 9/11/14 - Omega/Drupal 7. A few fun modules and features:

• FB Likebox module
• Custom cck block templates with css using Font Awesome
• Custom field template to display date posted and date updated
• Font Awesome search icon and search in a lightbox (colorbox module)
• Mini-slideshow displays on home page - grabs photos from the Community Outreach pages

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Showcase: UMass Amherst Human Resources

Redesigned Created with Omega theme and Superfish menus in Drupal 7.

• Responsive mobile friendly site
• Custom WYSIWYG editor for HR site editors
• Custom HR Library: Documents are attached to a page and tagged by type and topic to improve searching.
• Search This Site feature
• Custom styles for printing a web page: Excludes images, header, footer and menu. Prints hidden links.
• Dynamic content using fields and views.
• Staff directory: Database fields and views enable dynamic content and efficient data management.

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Last Call Media Blog launched on Drupal 8

At the last UMASS Drupal Group meeting I mentioned we were soon to be relaunching our site on Drupal 8.

I just wanted to pass the news along that we did in fact relaunch our blog on Drupal 8 recently. It came out great! Here are a couple posts we did about it:

Rob and I are headed to SandCamp to present about it and a couple other things.

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Showcase: Workplace Learning & Development Site

I upgraded from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 / Omega 3 theme and gave it a fresh design. It went live in September 2015.

An important feature of this site is the sign-up online process. I used the sign-up module and Shibboleth integration. The sign-up form pre-populates with data from the University's database as a result.

Due to a limitation in the signup module, I used hook form alter and added node object $node field_starts to fetch the workshop date field and include it in the admin email (in template.php).

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Showcase: Office of the Bursar site

The UMass Amherst Bursar site was designed and developed in May 2013 by Joanne Patalano, Web Designer for A&F Administration Systems, in Drupal 7. I used the Omega theme, Nice Menus for the main menu and Menu Block for the sidebar menu.

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Showcase: UMass Registrar site

The UMass Registrar site was implemented in Drupal 7 by UMass University Relations.

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