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Join us for Devsigner (designers + developers) Conference in Portland this May

The first ever Devsigner Conference is happening in Portland May 23-25, and we'd love to see you there!

Devsigner is a brand new event that will bring together frontend developers and technology-oriented designers and invite them to share their expertise, helping them take frontend development to the next level. We will be using Drupal as an assumed base platform, but since frontend development isn't tied to a particular backend, our audience includes any frontend dev and web-focused designer.

More information and registration:

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Average Drupal Developers salary

Hello Canadian Drupal developers :),

I’m a senior Drupal developer, I have recently moved to Canada from Egypt. So, I’m not sure what salary should I be expecting or what is the average hourly rate to match my experience.

I’ve been doing Drupal development for almost 7 years and have no shortage of working with north american or european organizations, from UN to big Drupal shops.

I tried consulting websites that provide salary surveys such as SimplyHired or Indeed, however they are extremely polluted by recruitment/staffing firms ads.

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Compass/SASS on Windows

I have a Windows user I need to get started in Compass/SASS.

Any Windows users with tool recommendations?

[We've Googled and have a short list of tools, I'm looking for personal recommendations]

Thanks in advance!

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Cast Your Vote in the 2013 Drupal Asspciation Board Elections

We're working hard at the Drupal Association to increase the global voice of the Drupal Community. Right now you have an easy opportunity to do just that by casting your vote in the Drupal Association At-Large Board candidates.

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Top .ca Drupal sites in Canada

Hello Everyone,

Here's a list of the top .ca websites ranked by access statistics as supplied by Alexa as accessed by people in Canada. It uses the detection logic from the Wappalizer project.

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Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit 2013: Last Week for Session Submissions!

Fellow Drupaler,

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Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit 2013: Session Submissions!

Dear Drupal Expert,

The 2013 Pacific Northwest (PNW) Drupal Summit will take place October 5-6 in Vancouver, B.C. and we would like to invite you to present at the conference!

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DrupalCon Portland Ticket for Sale - Only $400.00 - Early Bird price

I have a ticket for DrupalCon Portland for sale at the early bird price of $400.00 USD. Circumstances changed and I'm not able to attend. Contact if you would like to buy my ticket.

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(already sold) DrupalCon Portland ticket for sale - $400 (early bird price!)

(can't seem to delete this post...)

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[OT] unix server administrator needed, occasional part time

hi there

(this isn't a Drupal job so i didn't put it in the Jobs section... but it does involve a web server with nothing but Drupal websites on it !)

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