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Unlock allowed number of attempts

Dear All,
In my site I created quiz content and set Allowed number of attempts.

  1. I set allowed number of attempts is 5. I test with a student user take a quiz 5 times. The user can't access to that quiz more time. I want to reset allowed number of attempts for the student. So, they can they can take the quiz 5 times again.
    How to do that?
  2. I want to choose allowed number of attempts from 1 to 20.
    How to do that?

Thank you so much,

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Drupal Camp Mexico City! ¡ Más de 1000 visitas en una semana !

Estimados Drupaleros,

Es un gusto ver la rápida respuesta que hemos tenido a nuestro fugaz anuncio del próximo Drupal Camp en la Ciudad de México.

¡ Hemos generado más de 1000 visitas en una semana al Landing Page!

Además el tema de Large Scale Drupal ha llamado la atención tanto de Drupal Association como del OCTO team (la oficina de Dries) de Acquia quienes se han puesto en contacto para ofrecer su ayuda y posible participación.

Definitivamente me parece que México es un mercado virgen y muy interesante con muchas promesas de expansión.

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Webinar: How to Migrate from .NET to Drupal – November 13@ 1:00 PM EST

2013-11-13 13:00 - 14:00 America/New_York
Event type: 
Training (free or commercial)

Join Acquia and DOOR3 for an informative webinar on why migrating to Drupal CMS provides the flexibility and ROI your organization desires. With a strong practice around both .NET and open source (and Drupal), we understand all of the pros, cons and realities when it comes to CMS migrations. You'll hear an informative discussion on why this is the last move you’ll ever have to make.

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Drupal Developer (1 Position) | Trigyn Technologies

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

Relevant Experience: 4+ years

Skills & Experience Required:
• Minimum 4 years of software development experience in PHP-Drupal.
• Advance knowledge of LINUX shell commands
• Understanding of object-oriented software development.
• Working experience on Ajax, JQuery, Javascript and MySQL.
• Knowledge of JSON and XML.
• Working experience on HTML, CSS
• Working experience on any IDE like Eclipse, Net Beans
• Overall understanding of open source architecture like LAMP.
• Good verbal and written skills.

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Drupal and 8 other open source and proprietary CMS's evaluated by University of Florida

Hi Everyone,

I stumbled on this evaluation of enterprise CMS's created last June by the University of Florida. The formal mission of this is to "...identify UF’s web publication needs, review the available options, and recommend an enterprise solution."

It comes to some interesting conclusions

  • Drupal is ranked 7 out of 8
  • The top three rankings are all proprietary solutions (Oracle being #1)

The end of the report weighs and grades each CMS on various categories. Its interesting to see where Drupal excels and where it was identified as insufficient.

The good news (I believe), is that many of the areas where we were identified as insufficient are being addressed in Drupal 8.

Anyway, I'll leave this here for anyone interested.

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Drupal 7 vs Concrete5

The swot analysis so far covers:

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CommonSpot [Placeholder]

I'll fill this in when I get a chance to snap some screenshots back at the office.

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WordPress vs. Drupal article

Drupal core developer sun has written up a nice brain-dump of initial impressions of WordPress compared to Drupal, focusing mainly on the feature set, the installation and getting started experience:

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HP - Autonomy - Interwoven - TeamSite [Placeholder]

I see that batsonjay has posted a few in-depth reviews of CMS systems recently. Do you have TeamSite on your to-do list? If not, I'd be happy to fill this page in. I've been working with the complete suite since 1999.

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Typo3 [placeholder]

Ektron CMS400.NET

Ektron CMS400.NET (version 8.5 as of this writing) is targeted at Microsoft-oriented IT shops & developers building marketing-oriented sites. The company makes a determined effort to have some type of widget for everything under the sun, from document management to group spaces to calendar widgets to e-commerce & order processing, and on and on (with varying levels of depth & sophistication).

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SiteCore CMS

SiteCore CMS (version 6.5 as of this writing) is targeted at highly-interactive marketing sites with fast-changing content & layouts, supplying an editor-friendly .NET-based framework, with an increasing focus on Web Engagement Management (definition, "5 Pillars" of WEM).

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Adobe Customer Experience Solutions

Adobe Customer Experience Solutions ("ACES" herein) is a bundle of products including:

  • Web Experience Management, which is essentially CQ5 and the other products acquired from Day Software (plus some enhancements since the acquisition)
  • Digital Enterprise Platform, which is the new name for the formerly-named LiveCycle and CRX platforms.

The remainder of the information on this page focuses on the WEM/CQ5 product only. However, Adobe had now budled the products, so that new customers must (apparently) purchase the LiveCycle/CRX products in conjunction with their CQ5 purchase.

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WordPress media features

drupleg has done an incredibly detailed analysis of the media handling features in WordPress, which you can find in the Media module issue queue at

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Squiz CMS


Squiz CMS is "a revolutionary open source content management system with a highly usable interface which makes it easy to create, publish and maintain engaging websites."

Here is a demo video:

Only local images are allowed.

Below follows a detailed breakdown of the main features, as well as what Drupal equivalents exist for replicating functionality.

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