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Drupal Contrib Ladder


Allow people to work on contributed projects in a working group environment. This session will be like the original Drupal Ladder but geared more towards contributed modules instead of Core.


Contributing to Drupal Core can be intimidating what with all those super smart Drupal experts questioning everything you do. It can seem overwhelming to learn a section of core and track down all the areas where your changes will affect the system. The Drupal Ladder aimed at reducing the level of entry with the goal of getting to a 1% core contributor mark for D8.

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BADCamp Sessions from Drupal-Colorado Folks

Here are sessions submitted to BADCamp from our local #drupal-colorado community. Please take a moment to look through the list and vote. Let's represent Colorado in the Bay Area! Voting closes on October 15th.

Feel free to add sessions missing from this list:

Karyn Cassio (techgirlgeek)

The Drupal Ladder: Resources and activities for meetups to help members learn and contribute

Matthew Saunders (MatthewS)

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About @drupalcolorado Twitter account

The following people (by IRC nicks) have access to post to @drupalcolorado:

  • greggles
  • jcfiala
  • jyee
  • ultimateboy
  • coltrane
  • RickNashleanas
  • techgirlgeek
  • KCowboy

If you'd like to see something posted, pinging one or more of those people in #drupal-colorado is recommended.

Current content policies:



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DrupalCamp Colorado 2011 June 11th and 12th - Read me first

This is meant to act as a first step for getting information about DrupalCamp Colorado 2011 June 11th and 12th in Denver, CO.

Do you...

want to attend DrupalCamp Colorado?

Drupalcamp Colorado will be June 11th and 12th at Denver's King Center facility on the Auraria campus.

The best resource for more information on the Camp is the website itself:

want to help organize DrupalCamp Colorado?

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Possible Meetup Topics

If you don't see something you're interested in hearing about, by all means feel free to edit this page and add your own suggestions to the list!

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Drupalcamp Colorado 2011 Volunteer list

This wiki helps us keep track of who is doing what. The camp announcement has more details on the event. This page is to help volunteers coordinate a bit.

If you want to do something, put your name next to it and get in touch with anyone else who is working on it.
If you want to work on something that's not in the list, add it to the list and put your name next to it.
If you hope someone will work on something but can't work on it yourself, add it to the list and put a ? after it.

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Post deleted by author

Somehow ended up in the wrong group - I'm not even a member!?.

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Drupalcamp Colorado 2010 volunteer wiki

This is a wiki page to track the tasks to do and the people assigned to do them.

How this works:
1. If you see a todo item you want to help with, add your name after it and start working on it
2. If you see something missing, add it to the list

  • Food - Steve H. is interested in putting together off-campus possibilities. Need someone to organize catering. (Miles or potentially Aten)
  • Shirts - Kenheim and Kenwoodworth are running with this
  • Party - Carl
  • Swag - cmchadwick is providing some stuff, we could use some help asking book publishers for copies of books.
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Places to announce DrupalCamp Colorado

This is intended to be a list of places which are good candidates to spread the good news of Drupalcamp Colorado. Feel free to add more items to the list, or mark them as done if DrupalCamp Colorado has already been announced to this group.

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DrupalCamp Colorado Volunteers

This page is to help us keep track of who is doing what and also to recognize the many volunteers who put in countless hours to make Drupalcamp Colorado a great event.

If you'd like to help out with a task, contact the individual users. If you'd like to take care of something not listed on this wiki, add it and put your name next to it (if it requires a budget, we may not be able to provide it, but will do our best).

  • signs for the rooms - Steve
    • sponsor logo placards for each room entrance: ~18x24 (x4) color on foamcore with easel
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