IMBA Affiliated Drupal Sites

This group should probably have more organizers. See documentation on this recommendation.

The International Mountain Bike Association lists 474 IMBA Affiliated Clubs in the US alone. Most of these have websites. Most of them bad. When I was an active PAMBA member, I set that group up with PostNuke as their CMS. A few other sites are running phpGroup. This group is a place where the geek of IMBA can get together, talk about modules we'd like included in an IMBA Drupal profile, customize modules to work better for these groups, and provide support to each other.

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CiviCon Denver 2015

2015-04-22 09:00 - 2015-04-23 17:30 America/Denver
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Related event (ie. not Drupal specific)

CiviCon is the largest annual gathering for the community using and supporting CiviCRM, the free, open source CRM solution for nonprofits and civic-sector organizations with out of the box integration with Drupal.

Join us for the opportunity to network and learn from the most active users and implementers in the CiviCRM community. Whether you’re a user looking to share experiences and gain new knowledge or you’re a implementer looking to take your skills to the next level, CiviCon’s fantastic line-up of expert speakers and tracks will have something for everyone!

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Wiki of MTB Sites Using Drupal

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Info on NoBMoB and Global Riders


Following some discussion about the IMBA site move to Drupal where I brought this up, am posting here so more people can learn about this.

I'm hoping this won't be misconstrued as spam because it's partly about a site I built for an MTB group on Drupal, and partly about how this grew into a hosted application service where we are now offering the same model to other groups, clubs, etc.

You could either learn from this and go on to build you own site, or perhaps ask about joining the service.

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See you at DrupalCon SF?

If any of you are attending DrupalCon in San Francisco next month, please leave a comment. It'd be great to get together and talk about what's working for our sites.

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IMBA's Moving to Drupal!

If you click on the US Store, you can start to see everyone's favorite CMS peaking out from behind years of static html.

A couple new users have signed up for this group recently. There hasn't been much activity, but with IMBA moving to Drupal there should be plenty to talk about.

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Why Drupal?

First, welcome Tim McWrath who took over PAMBA's PostNuke website when I left. Sorry Tim. Tim wants to know why Drupal when there are so many other CMSes out there.

1) Solid module architecture for adding features

I tied to create a public member database in PostNuke that would indicate whether someone was a member or not. I struggled for weeks. Creating modules for Drupal is MUCH easier and because of this...

2) Many more modules exist

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Modules IMBA Groups Might Like

I'm a little biased about these first two:

TinyMCE - Add Word-like WYSIWYG Toolbar
Promise - Allows users to commit to do something (like trail care) if x number of other people do it.
User Points - Karma like rating system. Could be used to track volunteer hours.
phpBB - Allow users to log into phpBB with their Drupal username and password.

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What Are the Best Sites?

Of the 400+ IMBA groups in the US alone, what are the best sites? What features make them the best? Are there Drupal modules with these features?

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