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Come learn about Drutopia - Drupal as a Service - A framework for an ecosystem of open source distributions

July is a month to celebrate Drupal! Why? - do we need a reason?
While the regular monthly meetup is resuming in August, we felt that July needed a good reason to get together and talk Drupal code and config.

There is a mission to build a Drupal as a Service full featured distribution of Drupal for organizing and campaigns. There is NationBuilder and other proprietary tools that are available, but why not a Drupal solution?


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Cómo subir sitio drupal en localhost a un hosting

Hola amigos de drupal.
Les cuento, estoy diseñando un sitio en drupal desde mi computador, por apache, todo normal, el sitio está casi terminado y ahora quiero subirlo a un hosting.
El problema es que no sé cómo subir la base de datos de mi sitio.
Estoy trabajando con drupal 7.41, mi base de datos es postgresql.
Cómo puedo hacer la migración al hosting ?
Quedo atento a sus respuestas.
Muchas gracias.

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Drupal hosting and dev/test environment challenges

Hi all,

First, thanks to Brad Jones for the great talk on containers, dev environments, and log shipping and aggregation!

On a related topic, I'd love some feedback on common Drupal hosting challenges for a project I hope will solve some common issues Drupal devs run into with environments, server config, etc.

Anyway, here's the short survey if you have a minute -- I really appreciate your time!

I hope to share results at an upcoming central Denver meetup. :)

Yours in Drup,

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Cambiar la url de sitio local

mi sitio lo tengo hosteado en mi servidor local , pero esta de la siguiente manera la url

y quiero cambiarlo para
www.misitio.dominio o


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busco Hosting multiproposito

Buenas señores/as y demás animales domésticos.

Una duda, ya se que el otro día pregunté sobre hosting, el caso es que revisando las necesidades del cliente lo que necesitaríamos en realidad es un hosting que pueda soportar drupal y wordpress sin problemas, y que ellos puedan ser autónomos a la hora de subir nuevos wordpress.

Lo que signifca algún cpanels/plesk, ftp, correo, apc, mysql y espaci en el disco duro :)

¿Sugerencias de un hosting interesante?


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Hetzners upgrade to PHP 5.4 - what are you doing with Drupal 6 sites?

Hi folks

For anyone who has a site hosted with Hetzner (the SA version at least) you'll know that they are about to upgrade to PHP 5.4 in September.

I've successfully upgraded all the modules on D7 sites that work happily with PHP 5.4, but not so lucky with D6 sites. The issue lies within Views - both 2x and 3x. Obviously because everyone is spending more energy on D7 modules, this is not being resolved very fast.

I am considering telling my clients, that in order to have a functioning website come end Sept 2013, they either need to move hosting or upgrade to D7.

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What host do you use?

We need to change hosting for our drupal site. What host do you all use? Perhaps one with drush pre-installed?

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Running a Drupal site on AWS


Send me your questions you have about using Amazon Web Services (AWS) for hosting a Drupal site. I'll incorporate them into my presentation.


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Servidor hosting y dominios en España y mejor si es en Barcelona

Hola, recientemente he estado buscando un servidor para alojar sitios Drupal. Este tiene que estar en España y con preferencia en Barcelona. Me recomiendan algunos.

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PDX Drupal and open source goodness up for auction now for Street Roots

Hello all,

I wanted to thank and call out the PDX Drupal and open source community for their support of Street Roots during our annual online fundraising auction, and call attention to some of the awesomeness available--basically, everything needed for one to get up and running as a good Drupal Open Source Citizen. I'm posting here because I think this is relevant to the community and supports both the PDX open source community as well as Street Roots.

I want to specifically call attention to a few things we have up for auction right now (ending 4pm on Sunday Oct 7):

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