Integrating desktop/browser features/addons/plugins

This group should probably have more organizers. See documentation on this recommendation.
  • Desktop/stand-alone programs and browsers with their addons/plugins can have some very nice features.
  • For efficiency of Drupal and server resources, it might be better to transfer tasks to desktop & browsers
  • Integration of the many browser/addons/plugins tasks towards Drupal & modules.
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How to create sub-navigation in drupal?

Hi team,

I am facing problem to create the sub navigation in Drupal? Basically this navigation created under of my own module. For example like my link is
So if you see the attachment then u will get understand that I want to add new tab [Program 3] under of program tag. So could u tell me how to do it.

Please check the Program [Red mark] and then Program1 [green]

Thank you

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Accordion Module Search

Hi all -

Not sure if this is a proper place to ask this question...but I'm looking for a accordion module that has a +/- clicks so that the user can close or leave more than 1 section(s) open if you like. I am using the Views Accordion module ( but not finding it really fit my needs.


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njbjbj | jnsjjnsj

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 

I nnnnnnnnnn

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Using fbconnect instead of drupal login

Any hints what to edit and where, if i want to use only fbconnect and not show drupals login screen at all. Can't quite figure out where is that view and is it php code to be edited or html.

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Desktop/browser editors - Drupal WYSIWYG & specific modules

Started with this post: Add editor: XStandard (+ other desktop/browser side plug-ins?). Add info & edit to get more structured. Researching for solutions eating lesser server resources, so a desktop/browser side plug-in might be the solution. I haven't seen another like (the quality of) XStandard. But then I found many other browser/desktop editors:

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