Microchic's Learning Studio for Site Builders

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This Group's focus is on the many benefits and uses of Drupal Distributions as starting points and building blocks for Site Builders.

From colorado (aka Microchic), this group's organizer:

As a Site Builder with Drupal for more than a decade now, I know a little about:

  • Shared/virtual and VPS hosting configuration and features (enough to register/transfer and configure domains for hosting, create new sites and sub-sites on hosting accounts; and use and configure cpanel, FTP clients, multi-sites and email accounts);

  • Site architecture (enough to generally design a site and diagnose/find where a problem resides anywhere in the underlying code);

  • Coding (enough to understand and follow the basic functionality and logic);

  • Databases (enough to find and edit tables and data in phpMyAdmin);

  • User Interface (UI) and custom theme-building (enough to create new themes and edit any HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript and Templates; and find, install and configure any modules and themes);

  • Graphic Design and Creation (enough to design and create logos, graphics and any image elements for constructing custom themes, web pages, blocks and navigation);

  • Media Production and Editing (enough to produce and edit production-ready video and audio files);

  • Drupal Modules, Distributions and Themes (enough to search and choose the most efficient and stable combination of these Drupal components to design and build an entire site for a particular purpose or use-case, on my own within the span of a week or so).

  • And since, as a site-builder I tend to interact more often and directly with clients and end-users, I am always working on ways to explain, promote and communicate about Drupal and its advantages to the average (non-technical) person in the business world.

The vast majority of my time spent on the d.o (drupal.org) website over the last decade is combing through, and testing the Modules, Distributions and Themes to find the just-right components to bring together into a toolbox for building a particular site.

The Drupal site/community is truly a cornucopia of site-building tools and learning materials. It's like the Home Depot of website building, with everything one could possibly need to literally build a website for any purpose.

The opportunity, through the d.o site, to have such vast expertise, and the instant camaraderie of a highly productive and functioning global community at my fingertips, 24 hours a day / 365 days a year, is just a dream come true for a self-employed creative such as I am.

Since a site builder tends to regularly traverse, draw from, and contribute to, so many different areas of the d.o community site, without a focus in any one particular area (unlike dedicated coders, themers and core community contributors who tend to collaborate and congregate in certain areas), it maybe sometimes that our gratitude for what we receive from this community is not communicated often enough, and it becomes too easy to take from the community more than we give back.

If this describes you, then you might enjoy visiting or participating in this group, which is intended to discuss and build upon the "top layer" of tools that Drupal offers to site-builders as end-users:

  • The art and science of combining Distributions, Modules and Themes to build sites and;

  • How to best and most efficiently use the resources, expertise and communities available on the drupal.org website toward improving our personal working spaces; showing more appreciation to the Drupal devlopers and maintainers; and contributing more to the betterment of the drupal.org web spaces and communities.

I'm just getting started on this... Please message me (https://www.drupal.org/user/18028/contact) if you'd like to discuss, suggest topics, or contribute content to this Group.

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