Boulder DBUG Meet-Up April 9 (Wednesday) [updated]

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2008-04-09 06:30 - 08:30 US/Mountain
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User group meeting

The next Boulder Meet-up will be on April 9th. Meet and greet starts at 6:30. Presentations and discussion start at 7:00pm.

Agenda (subject to the demands of those in attendance)

  • Developer tips: Upgrading modules from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6
  • Installing, configuring, theming node carousel
  • PopSci case study Q&A.
  • Drupal 6 API discussion.
  • [your idea here]

As usual, agenda is open. If you like, post some suggestions in comments.

The meet-up will take place at pingVision in downtown Boulder. [map]

Hope to see you there!


I'll be there!

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Looking forward to it. Should have lots of Drupal 6 knowledge on tap by then.



I'll be there and likely

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I'll be there and likely bringing two others with me

First Time

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I am planning on coming for the first time... I live down in the Springs, but should be able to make the drive up. I am excited to finally meet some other Drupalers face-to-face.

Thanks for giving me this opportunity!

--Matt Tucker

-- matt tucker

my first meet up

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Hi, I'm looking forward to attending my first meet up. I'll probably be predominantly observing, while I'd like to invite people to discuss any interest in either helping me develop a drupal site and/or I'm hoping to find a tutor to help me with learning how to administrate the social networking site. The site has recently been posted for assessment and testing. Please drop me an email if your interested.

The site can be viewed and logged into here (please let me know if your interested in any aspect of the site's and/or business development):


jcfiala will be giving a

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jcfiala will be giving a presentation on upgrading modules from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6. This will be a code level presentation intended to appeal to module developers and coders.

One more.

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One thing I thought about on the way home.

I didn't hear any mention of as a reference for development work. It's the place to go for all of your Drupal Functions, Forms API, and other API reference developer documentation.

Good stuff there.

True enough. I suppose I

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True enough. I suppose I just didn't think of pointing it out... it's such a part of my day that it'd be like describing the need to breathe oxygen while working as well. :)

But I should have mentioned it on my resources slide, I agree.



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