Organizing mtg tomorrow (Tue 10/26): Now's your chance to get involved with PNWDS 2011

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Hello everybody,
Just a reminder that tomorrow night we're having the pre-committee open house to gather all those interested in bringing the PNWDS (Pacific NW Drupal Summit) to Portland next year. sarah_p has posted all the details at the open house event page here.

The open house will run concurrently with the first couple of hours of Brewpal. We'll be at the Lucky Lab NW (in a different area than the Brewpal meetup) from 5-7. No need to be there for the entire two hours; drop by when you can. You can also join us virtually in IRC during this time: #drupal-pdx on (hit up @sarah_p).

In the mean time, if you haven't yet, please take the PNWDS - 2011 Pre-Organizing Committee Survey if you would like to help or are thinking about helping. It takes about 5 minutes and is essential for putting the group together in the best way and make sure we have the interest and people to put on a successful Summit.

To recap, Portland has not yet committed to hosting the PNWDS 2011. The meeting tomorrow is to find out if there is enough community interest and momentum to make it happen.

If and when a Portland organizing committee is formed, discussion and planning will take place on a dedicated Atrium account. Committee members will only post to g.d.o for brief announcements and updates, so now's the time to join up if you're even just considering.


Event Page Changes

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Just in case anyone was coming after 7pm I have modified the open-house end time on the event post 8pm to 7pm. Sorry for the changes, but if you can't make it by 7pm feel free to contact me directly or fill out the survey and it will be as good as having showed up tonight. Thanks!

Survey Results from 2010 PNW are in

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Hi there,

The survey results from 2010 are in. Please ping me at anne [at] northstudio [dot] com and I will get you a report to check out.

:) Anne

Portland (Oregon)

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