Next Drupal Lab: July 30th

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2008-07-30 19:00 - 21:00 US/Eastern
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User group meeting

We will be having the next Washington DC Drupal Lab on July 30th from 7 to 9pm. Like usual it is the last Wednesday of the month, and like usual it will be at Affinity Lab in Adams Morgan. The lab is located at 2451 18th St NW in Adams Morgan, and the entrance is to the right of The Diner.

Only local images are allowed.

Presentations will start promptly at 7:15pm, and all attendees are invited to talk about their latest work with Drupal, whether it is building simple sites or developing complicated modules. We are going to keep things very informal, and each presenter should talk for about 5 minutes, with time for discussion afterwards.

A projector and wi-fi will be provided, so feel free to bring your laptop so you can easily share things with the group. We have several different types of apple video connectors, but it might not hurt for you to bring your own if you have it so we don't have to fumble around too much.

Beer and soft drinks will be provided, though unlike some previous meetups there will be no food. Feel free to stop at one of the many restaurants in the area and bring you snack or dinner with you.

See you all next week!


I hope to be there!

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I hope to be there!

I'll be there

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I'll be there with a module patch idea in tow... seeking support to get the last piece done. It's a little Views plugin to export data for use in "treemapping" software.

Out of town

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Wish I could be there, but I'll be out of town.
Awesome poster by the way!

Are newbies welcome?

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I'd be interesting in meeting and hearing others speak, but I'm new to Drupal so I wouldn't be able to contribute much.. are newbies welcome and would we be thrown to the lions?

I'm currently involved in multiple drupal projects and have background in different development languages.

Of course!

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Newbies are always welcome, and no one will be thrown to the lions. We really try to do things that will appeal to various skill levels, from n00b to ninja.

Newbies are always welcome!

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Newbies are always welcome!

Installer profiles

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I'm going to be there and show how easy it is to build your own installer profile and how it can help you in your day to day development work.

+1 for installer profiles

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Looking forward to this!

AJAX Forms

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I will be there and talk about AJAX forms and Drupal

I will be there

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I would love to show off my newly finished(hope, hope, hope, ...) site. We used ubercart, some custom event product magic (with a shout out to mroswell, thanks!), and some judicious use of cck and views.

And I would love to chat with someone who groks the nodeprofile modules and could tell me if some of my hair-brain designs might work.


Alas, if only we could

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Alas, if only we could aspire to the greatness of Dr. Horrible. I probably qualify for the Henchmen Club. But it makes you really wonder about the "Good" League of Evil because obviously the Evil League of Evil is a fork.... B-D

Sorry ... the poster just cracks me up...

We can talk about node

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We can talk about node profiles. Who's got experience with node profile's D6 incarnation content profile?


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Let's also talk about security. Reason is Heine's article today about the fact that Drupal is in the top 10 vendor list of security disclosures:

Some resources:

Module developer's guide
Writing secure code

The road to drupal hell (loosly related)


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I will be stopping in tonight with a hard copy of the Washington DC DrupalCon Spring 2009 proposal. Excited to see everyone

Recording of Sessions?

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I´ll be missing today... Will today´s lab be also recorded like the last meet up?
Even if recording-streaming is not on the menu tonight, I think it would be nice to post an overview, or listing of the topics covered and any associated materials that might be available after these sessions. Would this sound interesting to the group? I think the sessions bring plenty of interesting topics, at all levels, that might be interesting to have on record. If there is a link, a handout... That kind of thing. I´ll be happy to be a secretary of sorts for this purpose but I´m missing at least half of the sessions, maybe more, so anybody else liking the idea may need to join and share responsibility. Just a quick thought...


U streaming

Ustream Recording posted - 2 hours

Great Lab

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Last night's Drupal Lab was a great time. I enjoyed meeting all the new people and their perspectives on Drupal.


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